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Best Strawbs front cover

BEST STRAWBS, 2007 (Germany)

A new "best of" collection, which, apart from the first track "Part Of The Union", licensed in from Universal, draws on tracks owned and controlled by Witchwood Media.

You can get this from a variety of sources via the web - search for "zounds Strawbs" on Google. In stock (as at 22 Jan 2008) at: (at prices from 12.90 Euros on the day I looked) and - has some clips loaded up so you can listen before you buy.

We are looking into the possibility of getting some stock into to sell. Further news when I have it..

track listing versions

Track listing

  1. Part Of The Union (Ford/Hudson) - Bursting At The Seams
  2. I Only Want My Love To Grow In You (Cousins/Cronk) - Deep Cuts
  3. Grace Darling (Cousins) - Greatest Hits Live
  4. Burning For Me (Cousins/Mealing) - Burning For You
  5. Evergreen (Cousins) - Acoustic Strawbs: Baroque & Roll
  6. Lay Down (Cousins) - Blue Angel
  7. The River/Down By The Sea (Cousins) - Greatest Hits Live
  8. The King (Cousins) - Blue Angel
  9. Forever Ocean Blue (Cousins) - Wakeman & Cousins: Hummingbird
  10. Cold Steel (Lambert) - Deja Fou
  11. If (Cousins) - Deja Fou
  12. Heartbreak Hill (Cousins/Cronk) - Heartbreak Hill
  13. Deep In The Darkest Night (Cousins) - Cousins & Conrad: High Seas
  14. Hero And Heroine (live) (Cousins) - Complete Strawbs
  15. Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth (live)(Cousins) - Recollections


CD (Ger): 2700020149 B (Zounds, 2007) Excellent 16pp booklet (in German) with some rare-ish and well-chosen photos.

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