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Updated: 5 Jun 2008

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Latest additions - Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander - Dick Greener - Ralph Tonge - David Claridge - Les Cotton - Cover versions (everyone else!) - Music inspired by ... -

Mike and Geoff Alexander - The Tide Goes Flowing

Geoff writes: Mike and I got to play together in public (for the first time in 35 years) at a tribute evening arranged for him just 4 weeks before he died. We wrote a song in 1971 about his concerns about pollution. In August I asked him if he could provide an additional verse to bring the song up to date. This he did and this was one of the songs we performed together.

One element of the attached track also refers back to the Strawbs. On the strength of Hud playing sitar, I also bought one and in our original recordings of this song I played on sitar. Now the sitar has gone but on the new version, recorded while I was in Oz, I still emulated the sitar and tabla sound with Mike's guitar synth.

Mike Alexander - They Said He Was A Good Man (improved version)

Geoff's brother Mike Alexander sends us this. Often the young do not realise their elders may have a valid and relevant history of their own which may sadly only be discovered in a eulogy. The cello sounds were produced using a midi guitar synth to trigger an EMU virtuoso module; very effective.

When I added this item I noted that Mike had been recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. I'm sorry to add that Mike passed away on 25 Sept 2007. Geoff sent me this improved version of this song a\fter his death.

Ralph Tonge: Foolish Words

An instrumental piece from Ralph, inspired by "Words Of Wisdom"

Chris Rickert: One More Day

A piece recorded by Chris back in 1996 that was lyrically influenced by Dave Cousins

Simon Carey: Never Lay Down

Simon's composition influenced by Dave Cousins' writing (© Simon Carey, 2005)

Tim Wilson & Friends - Sir Hugh Of Lincoln

Tim's friend Lori said this reminded her of "The Battle" and hoped the Strawbs might record it themselves one day. Featuring Lori on flute and vocals, the rest added by Tim when she sent the tape from Florida

Mike Alexander - The Highwayman

A second track from Mike, with some obvious Strawbs influences

Mike Alexander - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame! (improved version)

That Alexander family are a talented bunch - this is Geoff's brother sending in an original track from his home in Australia - Mike says: "I'm a songwriter) no prizes for guessing who the single major inspiration are for my own style"

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