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Updated: 21 Aug 2012

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Latest additions - Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander - Dick Greener - Ralph Tonge - David Claridge - Les Cotton - Cover versions (everyone else!) - Music inspired by ... -

David Claridge - Grace Darling

Forget "One-Take Wakeman" - "One-Take" Claridge has done a splendid job on this live cover of "Grace Darling".

David Claridge - Two Weeks Last Summer

Claridge has turned his attention to this number from Dave's 1972 solo album - the Fools rehearsed this a while back and found it so dreamy we almost drifted off - perhaps it was the Stella ....{grin}

David Claridge - The Weary Song - ON SOUNDCLICK

Claridge has really nailed one of my favourite early Strawbs numbers

David Claridge - This Song Is Sung For Me

One of Cousins' bitter classics

David Claridge - The Journey's End

The closing number from Grave New World, reinterpreted by Mr Claridge

David Claridge - Absent Friend

A powerful solo rendition of this Nomadness tune stripped down to just Claridge's voice and guitar.

David Claridge: So Shall Our Love Die

Claridge has discovered the on/off button of his nifty little Zoom recorder and unleashed an astonishing bout of creativity - this is a really splendid version of this song from Nomadness, with three guitar parts, one keyboards (choir) two vocals all being executed by "the other DC".

David Claridge: That's The Way It Ends

And in contrast, here's a spartan rendition of a song which was possibly slightly smothered by the string arrangement on Two Weeks Last Summer.

David Claridge and Ralph Tonge: Evergreen

A collaboration between David and Ralph. Very topical steel guitar sound given the new DC album. Clardge reports that: "Ralph played both 'twiddly parts' on his acoustic (directly injected into my Zoom). Also the chorused strum that kicks in on the chorus was Ralph's acoustic. I played solitary finger picky thing in the background- miked up my takamine, and open legged harmonies with myself (when I was alone at home!)."

Ghosts Christmas Jingle

David Claridge has unearthed this long lost Christmas version of the opening section of "Ghosts"


And here's David's own more traditional take on that opening section of "Ghosts"

David Claridge: Queen Of Dreams

Newbury-based David Claridge, a Witchwood "character" produced a cover of this track from Grave New World

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