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Updated: 7 May 2009

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Latest additions - Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander - Dick Greener - Ralph Tonge - David Claridge - Les Cotton - Cover versions (everyone else!) - Music inspired by ... -

Ralph Tonge, Les Cotton and Pete Rand - Cut Like A Diamond

Starting out with Ralph, Les and Pete have added their magic to this one.

Les Cotton - Father's Name Is Dad

Yet another first - Les has put together a fabulous version of the Fire psych-pop classic. Took him 4 days on and off.

Les Cotton - On My Way

Les strips this early Cousins classic back to down to basics

Ralph Tonge and Les Cotton: Shine On Silver Sun

Ralph and Les have collaborated without meeting to produce this version of "Shine On Silver Sun"

Les Cotton: Lay Down

Les has had a go at this seminal Strawbs song

Les Cotton: Heavy Disguise

The John Ford classic Strawbs track from Grave New World

Geoff Alexander and Les Cotton: Stormy Down

A collaboration between Geoff and Les

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