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Updated: 8 Mar 2016

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Latest additions - Alphabetical list of Strawbs/related songs covered
Geoff Alexander - Dick Greener - Ralph Tonge - David Claridge - Les Cotton - Cover versions (everyone else!) - Music inspired by ... -

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Please note - where a song title begins with "The" eg, "The Battle", it is filed under "T"


Absent Friend - David Claridge

A Glimpse Of Heaven - Ralph Tonge

Ah Me Ah My - Dick Greener

Another Day - Geoff Alexander

Another Day Without You - Ralph Tonge and Dick Greener

Autumn - Chris Rickert

Autumn - Ralph Tonge


Beat The Retreat - Dick Greener

Benedictus - Mateusz Malek

Blue Angel - Ralph Tonge


Can You Believe - Ralph Tonge

Charmer - Myerlin

Cut LikeA Diamond - Ralph nTonge, Les Cotton and Pete Rand


Deadly Nightshade - Ralph Tonge

The River/Down By The Sea - Hollow Earth

Dragonfly - Dick Greener


Evergreen - David Claridge and Ralph Tonge


FIRE: Father's Name Is Dad - Les Cotton

Flying - Geoff Alexander

Further Down The Road - Bob Polchinski

Further Down The Road - Ralph Tonge


Ghosts - David Claridge

Ghosts Christmas Jingle - David Claridge

Grace Darling - Geoff Alexander

Grace Darling - David Claridge

Grace Darling - Noel Chidwick

Grace Darling - Bob Polchinski

Grace Darling - Rick Sarlo


Hanging In The Gallery - David Lewis

Hard Hard Winter - Ralph Tonge

Heavy Disguise - Les Cotton

Here Today Gone Tomorrow - Bob Polchinski

Heroine's Theme - Ralph Tonge

Hey It's Been A Long Time - Geoff Alexander


I Only Want My Love To Grow In You - Bob Polchinski

I Turned My Face Into The Wind - Geoff Alexander

If - Geoff Alexander and Joe Bruno

If - Simon Carey

I'll Carry On Beside You - Dick Greener

I'll Show You Where To Sleep - Geoff Alexander

In Amongst The Roses - Dick Greener




Lay Down - Vivien Scotson

Lay Down - Geoff Alexander

Lay Down - Les Cotton

Lay Down - Elizabeth Bryson


Martin Luther King's Dream - Geoff Alexander

Martin Luther King's Dream - Giles Field

Martin Luther King's Dream - Dick Greener & Pete Rand

HUDSON FORD: Mother Mild - Ralph Tonge


New World - Tom McCaughley

New World - Michael Roberts

Not All The Flowers Grow - Ralph Tonge


October To May - Dick Greener

On Growing Older - Dick Greener

On My Way - The Swiss Cottagers

On My Way - Ralph Tonge

On My Way - Les Cotton


Poor Jimmy Wilson - Geoff Alexander


Queen Of Dreams - David Claridge



Shine On Silver Sun - Geoff Alexander

Shine On Silver Sun - George Hogg

Shine On Silver Sun - Ralph Tonge and Les Cotton

So Shall Our Love Die - David Claridge

Song Of A Sad Little Girl - Geoff Alexander

Starshine - Ralph Tonge

Stormy Down - Geoff Alexander and Les Cotton

Stormy Down - Creeping Bentgrass


Tell Me What You See In Me - Geoff Alexander (video on YouTube)

That's The Way It Ends - David Claridge

The Battle - Geoff Alexander

The Battle - Tim Wilson & Friends

The Flower And The Young Man - Geoff Alexander

The Flower And The Young Man - Fine Kettle Of Fish

The Flower And The Young Man - Mateusz Malek

The Flower And The Young Man - Ralph Tonge

The Golden Salamander - Ralph Tonge

The Hangman And The Papist - Geoff Alexander

The Hangman And The Papist - Derek Eynon

The Hangman And The Papist - Tim Wilson & Friends

The Journey's End - David Claridge

LAMBERT CRONK: The Night - Ralph Tonge

The River - Peter Rand and Ralph Tonge

The River - Dick Greener

The River/Down By The Sea - Hollow Earth

The Shepherd's Song - Ralph Tonge

The Smile You Left Behind - George Hogg

The Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake - Geoff Alexander

The Weary Song - David Claridge (on Soundclick)

Thirty Days - Vince Fabiano

This Song Is Sung For Me - David Claridge

Till The Sun Comes Shining Through - Geoff Alexander

Time And Life - Ralph Tonge

Tokyo Rosie - Geoff Alexander

Two Weeks Last Summer - David Claridge

Two Weeks Last Summer - Venereum Arvum

Winterflora - Two Weeks Last Summer - Venereum Arvum (on Soundcloud)




Wasting My Time (Finking Of You) - Ralph Tonge

We'll Meet Again Sometime - Geoff Alexander

We'll Meet Again Sometime - Ralph Tonge

When You Were A Child - Dick Greener

Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth - Dick Greener

Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Wychwood

Will Ye Go - The Strawberry Fools

Witchwood - Dick Greener

Witchwood - Tom McCaughley

Words Of Wisdom - Ralph Tonge



You And I When We Were Young - Rick Sarlo and Frank Muscato

Young Again - Dick Greener


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