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Here are all the entries received to the Strawbs Haiku competition staged in Summer 2005.

Breeze sways floral drapes
Love powerful intense waves
Born baby's eyes focus


An electric storm
Or the twinkle of three stars
Lights a barren field.

Crimson sunflowers
Scatter kiss-gentle petals
To comfort the earth.


A glimpse of heaven
Hanging in the gallery
My Tokyo rose



Were you hiding here
among the stones and rivers
And now gone away.


The wind blows my mind
the ground is fastly falling
clearly I am free

No wooden casket
to contain my soul within
My soul is flying.


Songs, the sweetest fruit
Of trees grown stronger with age,
Preserved forever.


Haiku To The Dream Weavers

Songs are but to dream!
Riddle me the mystery,
Of ALL the words mean.

Cast my spirits high,
On fair winds of melody,
Let my conscience fly.

Clouds of wonderment explore,
This minds migration.

Though dark oceans may,
Bring waves of disappointment,
Through the live-long day.

Hatred everywhere!
Tides of gloom o'erwhelming rise,
Flooding with despair.

Weavers of my dreams,
Remind me of the beauty,
Life's bright rippling streams.

Bathed in flowing love,
Let music loose my heart-wings,
Soaring high above!

Bring me home in peace,
Your charms still swirling 'round me,
There to find release.



Chas likes to play bass
Chas was asked to sing a song
Chas likes to play bass


Hope ascendent soars
Blue fortnight transforms Poet.
Angel wounds his soul.


Modern Day Minstrels
Conveyers of Emotion
Through Poetry Sung

Few things stay the same
Nothing remains evergreen
Only their music..

On stage three are one
United acoustically
In Glorious song


The White bear once hibernated
Through the winter and the summer,autumn
lay down, glimpse of heaven...


A soul-sounding music
Heard deep in the human heart
The fruit is bittersweet.


The fire's wintry ashes
Only spurned ,torn paper touched
By Prophet's silent tears


Ripe with life's passions
A moment's lust that endures
Over and over

images enduring
through time /be still my heart
I have no secrets

Expressions of lust
evoking my heart's passions
enduring through time

Erotic glimpses
Into a wizard's visions
Leaving me breathless


October to May
Evergreen ghosts linger still
Tomorrows new world

Sun beat the retreat
for flower and the young man
comes hard hard winter

Shine on silver sun
Tell me what you see in me
Now out in the cold

Changes arrange us
New beginnings time and life
Round and round we go


Footprints in the snow
Who can know where they will go
Lost when the wind blows


foreshortened pier
knee deep in the high spring tide
the lone angler waits

drab terrace houses
pinnied-Grandma scrubs the step
swills dusty flagstones

chilly autumn breeze
bonfire embers brightly glow
wrapped potatoes bake

icy willow weeps
husband and daughter bereft
at the journey's end


The blue moon rises
A crystal shimmering sea
Southern wind blows warm


Copper cues
Reds and colds and gloves
Love's breath has form

The clouds of speech
webbed across our even space
Our souls meet

Derelict gardener
Burns leaves on a fire
Scavenge their warmth

Rooks fly to oak tree
crowing sounds of distress
Plumage of autumn


Strong sense of seasons
The eternal ebb and flow
With ease may we change


They always bring joy
I remember those young lads
Strawberry Hill Boys

We are all cousins
Musically speaking but
No one writes like Dave

Ghosts of nomadness
Burning for you grave new world
Bursting at the seams


Oh, the midnight sun shining
The autumn, glory to the colors
An homage to nature throughout the music

Lifting spirits that have fallen
Touching hearts that are broken
Spirits that need mending

A chat with great friends
Some who've traveled far and wide
Drawn together

To uplift, to ease pain
To be together
Such is the beauty


Abundant fruit and berries
A simple pleasure:
Strawberry juice, moon and stars

Golden king of butterflies,
So sleepy, rests to
Ponder other flutter bies

Berries left out in the cold
Frozen red tear drops
No longer simple pleasures

The river near stormy down
In the midnight sun
Carries the seed of your flower

The woodlands over the hill
Are burning for yew
And pine and flower to live

Moist pea pod pearls strung verdant
By the river's side
Shine in autumn's silver sun

Fuschias, as by hangman hung,
By green nooses sway
Near golden salamanders

Blue angels, deadly nightshade,
Violets wave to
An ocean of dragonflies

The evergreen heroes and
Golden heroines
Hold each other up through thyme

The rose's cup at midnight
Now out in the cold
Bursts privately at dawn

No bird's song or eastern rain
Drips more sweet or sad
Than do strawbs wine or starshine


Clouds amidst the grey
Ten tears fall on your shadow
Melting into snow

Songbirds wait, watching
Witnesses from the willow
Perhaps tomorrow

Harvest suns still rise
Fields flooded by water flow
Cleansing earth below


solitary star
set adrift in cloud washed sky
ghostly ship unmoored


Japanese Free Clip Art

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