Natural Sound, Kitchener ON, Canada - 4 Aug 2004
  • Beautiful Visionary Images - review by Ian Davis

  • Excellent Sound. Period!!- comments from Ian Stewart

  • Setlist from Ian Stewart

  • Pix from Gregg Derrett

    Knaresborough Festival, Knaresborough, UK - 13 Aug 2004
    Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton, Canada - 6-8 Aug 2004
    Barrymore's, Ottawa ON, Canada - 5 Aug 2004
  • Could We Hope For More At The Barrymore's? - review by Alain Beaudreault

  • Comments and pix from Dwight Hodge

  • Wow - Comments from Clarke Sheen

  • Setlist from Alain Beaudreault

    Setlist from Ian Stewart

    Tears And Pavan
    A Glimpse Of Heaven
    The Flower & TheYoung Man
    Alice's Song
    Shine On Silver Sun

    Break (the beer flowed like wine)

    The Hangman And The Papist
    Remembering/You And I (When We Wereyoung)
    The Winter And The Summer
    Out In The Cold/Round & Round
    The River/Down By The Sea
    Hero And Heroine

    We'll Meet Again Sometime.
    (the beer flowed like wine).....


    BEAUTIFUL VISIONARY IMAGES - review by Ian Davis

    Magnificent concert - nothing like knowing you are one of the lucky few to have won a ticket to see a Strawbs concert in ones own home town to enhance the sense that this is a unique moment in the annals of time to be treasured always. They were all in top notch form, and the embellishment of their music with such intricate detail diversions delightful. I had thought that I was the only Strawbs fan in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and it was a shock to discover that there were others.

    My wife asks me why it is that I never get bored of listening to the same stuff, and I think the only answer I can give is that the Strawbs simply never ever bores me. The more I listen to it the more it grows on me. I'm not musician enough to know why I like the Strawbs, but I've an ear for the complex, the subtle, the power, and the gentleness that lies at the heart of their music. It sweeps me along, carries me away, and offers me in beautiful visionary images. I first saw the Strawbs live in 2003 at the Hugh's room in Toronto, after listening to little but their music for 30 years, and made the pilgrimage back to the Hugh's room in 2004. Their acoustic setup of 2003 was to my mind infinitely better than their electric setup of 2004, and I would urge them to do many more acoustic tours. It brings out the detail of their music, and leaves their words clear and audible. By comparison amplifiers set to maximum leave only a lingering ringing in the ears, and the fear that at 51 one will suffer premature deafness before one reaches 52.

    Much that Dave writes about is familiar stalking ground for me. I grew up in Ruislip, he in Hounslow.. as a small child I lived in a caravan at Runneymede Egham, and would have been one of those small children with fishing nets, playing on the shores of the Thames. He and I are fated it seem to be young together and to grow old together. Well there are worse fates than that.

    Give my best regards and thank all of those there for a memorable night in a city which till now has lacked such memorable nights. In particular my thanks and admiration go out to John of Natural Vision who firstly paid the piper, and secondly refused to recoup any of his costs for all the effort which went into staging this event from the audience. Natural Sound rocketed to #1 in my books. And they can now boast to having the greatest sound, period.

    EXCELLENT SOUND. PERIOD!! - comments from Ian Stewart

    Excellent sound. Period!! I was very aware of three separate guitars. A missing verse in "Hangman" shortened the show. The soundman found the echo switch late in the show. It was nice in some parts but unnessesary in others. "Acoustic Strawbs" after all. But hey! It wasn't my birthday party. Roger Hill brought his whole famn damily. Free Strawbs, free food, free beer, what more can I say.

    Pic by Gregg Derrett - more beautiful visionary images from Gregg


    Tears And Pavan
    A Glimpse of Heaven
    The Flower And The Young Man
    Alice's Song
    Shine On Silver Sun

    The Hangman And The Papist
    Remembering/You And I (When We Were Young)
    The Winter And The Summer
    The River/Down By The Sea
    Out In The Cold/Round And Round
    Hero And Heroine

    We'll Meet Again Sometime


    COULD WE HOPE FOR MORE AT THE BARRYMORE'S? - Review by Alain Beaudreault

    The Strawbs attracted us this time to Ottawa; from St-Ours (QC), a short three hours run which is nothing compared with all the travelling (once again) they have to do in this (mini) tour. Chapeau guys! So, considering they were having to run to Edmonton(!) just few hours after the concert, I had minded myself for a relatively short Strawbs concert last night. In the way they did last summer at Le Pub St-Alexandre during Le Festival d'Ete de Quebec: one set without break.

    But I was wrong.

    The beautiful old Barrymore's theatre offered a spacious comfortable stage to the three musicians who seem to me especially relaxed in being and playing there last night. And these great respectful fans (as well as very enthusiastic, especially after "Ghosts" and "Down By The Sea") who really seemed to enjoy each moment of these two hours of fine music played all the way with apparent great pleasure from all three players. Maybe the best of the four times I saw the acoustic line-up.

    Well, I wouldn't hope a better situation to introduce to the Strawbs (music) two good friends of mine who also were in Ottawa this week. Quite impressed they were by the high level of playing and singing (DC voice in top shape) they were exposed to. Guys, you now get a couple of new fans.

    And a couple of surprises… [see setlist below - DG]

    After the show, they took the time to have a word with fans.

    À la prochaine, we'll meet again somewhere.

    Comments and pix from Dwight Hodge

    Not much I can add to the superlatives already heaped on this band, a great show, the guys are in excellent form, they just seem to get better and better. A good crowd of about 150, they appreciated every note. Nice treat to hear "The Winter And The Summer", a lovely arrangement.

    Pic by Dwight Hodge - more shots from Dwight

    WOW - Comments from Clarke Sheen

    Last night I had the priviledge of attending the show at Barrymore's in Ottawa. Now I remember why I liked them so much when I was young. I can't remember ever having seen such masterful guitar work. They blew me away. As a matter of fact they blew everybody away. Just 3 guys with guitars and voices. WOW.

    Today I went Internet surfing and ended up here [at the Witchwood group]. I also dug up all my Strawbs LP's out if storage and am transposing the to CD. I guess I'm hooked. Again.

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