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Red Lion Folk Club, King's Heath, 8 Jan 2005

Dick Greener's photos - the best I could do in poor lighting and not allowed to use flash.

Gala Theatre, Durham, 25 Jan 2005

Some nice individual shots of the boys in action in Durham from Alison Brown

Scholar's Bar Scarborough, 26 Jan 2005

Ali in action behind the lens for a second night running

Bein Inn,Glenfarg, 27/28 Jan 2005

The band on stage and with Jim Corstophine and his wife

The Arc, Stockton, 10 Feb 2005

Shots from Alison Brown of the band playing the opening night of a beer festival!

NPL, Teddington, 14 Feb 2005

Sue Holton's amazing photos of the St Valentine's Day end of tour party

NPL, Teddington, 14 Feb 2005

More front row shots from the Teddington 'do' from Alison Brown

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