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The German House, Rochester, 21 Jun 2007

Dorie Jennings' photos from the rehearsal and the opening night of the tour

The Strand, Lakewood, 26 Jun 2007

A large gallery of fabulous photos taken at The Strand from Rick Sarlo

The Strand, Lakewood, 26 Jun 2007

Some of Rob Robinson's photos taken at The Strand and a link to his huge gallery

B.B.Kings, Manhattan, 27 Jun 2007

Photos taken from the front of stage by Judi Cuervo

B.B.Kings, Manhattan, 27 Jun 2007

Jerry McCarthy's photos from B.B.Kings

Stanfest, Canso, 1 Jul 2007

Some really professional photos from the Stanfest photographers, supplied to the band on CD, photographer unknown - very big gallery, will take a while to load, but worth it

Hugh's Room, Toronto, 3 Jul 2007

Cinnie Morgan's photos from the first night at Hugh's Room

Centre In The Square, Kitchener, ON, 5 Jul 2007

A splendid gallery from Jon Connolly's show in Kitchener

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