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Updated: 5 Aug 2008

  • Some comments from Dave Lambert

  • THREE LAYERS OF CLOTHING - Some comments from Dave Lambert

    It was only the second time I've played in three layers of clothing. I didn't realise until we got to the island that we were that far inside the Arctic Circle. It wasn't bitter exactly, but it was cold and we did see the midnight sun [which they played with an explanation of the song's relevance from Dave Cousins]. The show went very well and the audience were surprisingly knowledgeable about songs etc.

    I think we all enjoyed it a lot. The Edgar Broughton band, who were also on at the festival, were with us the whole time and we all got along famously, lots of laughter. We had to get a Sea-Cat from Tromso to the island which took just over an hour. That night we slept on another boat and woke up back in Tromso in time to catch our flights home and that crossing took three hours in a slower, conventional, boat.

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