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Updated: 21 Oct 2011



Fri 30 Sep, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZ
Sat 1 Oct, Canyon Club, Agoura Hills CA
Sun 2 Oct, The Coach House, San Juan Capů CA
Mon 3 Oct, Acoustic Music, San Diego CA NB ACOUSTIC STRAWBS ONLY
  • Comments from Spiro Kailas

    Wed 5 Oct, McPhillips Station Cas., Winnepeg MB
  • Online blog review
  • Fri 7 Oct, Casino Regina, Regina SK
    Sun 9 Oct, Century Casino, Edmonton AB
    Wed 12 Oct, Convention Centre, Kamloops BC
    Thu 13 Oct, River Rock Casino, Richmond BC
  • It's You !! - Review by Dennis Delapaz
  • Comments and pix from Steve Sale
  • Setlist

  • Setlist from Dennis Delapaz

    Simple Visions
    New World
    Oh How She Changed
    Lay Down


    IT'S YOU !! - Review by Dennis Delapaz

    I went to my very first Strawbs show ever in Richmond BC. I was disappointed to find the Strawbs booked as an opening act for the Zombies, which would mean they would perform a fairly short set. Although I live in Seattle Washington, I made the 2.5 hour journey north to see one my favorite bands the Strawbs. I also was a bit leery of seeing them at a casino venue, but was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful the venue is at River Rock Casino. The sound from the stage was top class. I would definitely make the trip back up there to see other shows.

    I arrived about a hour early and decided to have a look at the concert merchandise. A table was set up where a fella was selling only Zombies memorabilia. He mentioned that there would be a Strawbs CD for sale shortly. As I turned around to head back to casino I nearly ran into Dave Cousins walking up to the table, his hands full of boxes of CD's. I was a bit in shock to see Dave the Legend nonchalantly walking amongst the casino crowd. I think I must have startled him, cos I motioned to him and said "Its You"!! as he quickly responded light heartily "Its Me" and quickly passed me to organize his things on the table. He was selling the Strawbs latest Acoustic Gold CD. I bought the CD with the intention of meeting the Man and getting his autograph. But as quickly as he arrived he was swept away to do a interview backstage. He promised to be around after the show.

    The show started soon after 8 pm and although they played only 50 minutes, every song was played beautifully with emotion and passion. My third row seats were great. Perfect view of boys, all three were in top form. I managed to get show good pictures and video with my point and shoot camera. Dave Lambert is an awesome guitarist. Dave Cousins is one of the best song writers and vocalists. Its amazing how Dave can use his vocals to effect his songs. Very powerful. Strawbs fans are so very lucky that these guys are still willing to share their art with us at their age. Its really testament to them that they can sound so good live. Great talent combined with great music stands the test of time . All too soon they were on their last song - Lay Down and my thoughts started to turn to my drive back down to Seattle. As I am not a avid Zombies fan, getting to meet Dave meant sitting through at least hour and half set. Ugghh.

    Intermission went by quickly and i decided to sit towards the back of the venue for the Zombies set. I sat next to a fella that was looking at his newly purchased Strawbs CD. I noticed that it had been autographed. I asked him if he got that autographed before the show. He told me that the lead singer from the opening band was at the merchandise table, and if i hurry, he may still be there. I found Dave quietly sitting at the table as promised. I didn't realized he meant he would be around to sign autographs after their set. My luck definitely turned a corner as opposed to the slot machines earlier. Since most of the fans were watching the Zombies i had a chance to meet Dave all by myself. It was a bit surreal talking to this man that just performed some of the best music I've ever heard. It was like talking to your neighbor or some fella in a pub, so down to earth, so humble. Although Dave Cousins is definitely musical legend, he is one of the most approachable people I've been fortunate to meet.

    I got to have my photo taken with Dave and he signed my CD. I will definitely cherish those. Very happy I made the trip to BC. Listening to my new Strawbs CD made the trip back to Seattle much shorter.

    Photos by Dennis Delapaz more photos from Dennis

    Comments and pix from Steve Sale

    Great show although too short a set, it's been 35 years since they played here, hope it won't be so long next time.

    Photos by Steve Sale more photos from Steve


    Review from The Examiner


    Comments from Spiro Kailas

    I saw the Acoustic Strawbs last night in San Diego CA and they were fantastic, their sound was great, and they played some of their older material. Dave Cousins was as funny as ever and Dave L. and Chas C. played exceptionally well!

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