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Thanks to Alison Brown, Ian Hulland, Adrian the Rock, Thomas Portmann, Steve Edwards and Joachim Bjork for the photos - more photos welcome (I've included a few of mine, but I'm not good with a camera!!!)

Another crowd shot - anyone see themselves there ?

John and Hud

Brian, Hud and architectural features ....

They also serve who merely stand and sell merchandise: Denise at work, wearing the official t-shirt back to front!

Dave, Hud and U.S. fan Lou Monticchio who travelled over for the occasion

Special guest Adam Wakeman

Tony Hooper, John Ford and Dave Cousins

Dave with dulcimer, singing Benedictus

Bursting At The Seams band

"I'll Carry On Beside You"

View of the stage and the pond

Brian Willoughby

Rod Demick and Blue Weaver

Dave Lambert

The Witchwood front line: Tony, John and Dave

Dave Cousins

Blue Weaver

Tony Fernandez, Roy Hill, John Ford and Dave Cousins

Encores: Tony Hooper, Sarah and Rod Demick, Ric Sanders, Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert


Photocall at the Sunday lunchtime drink-up

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