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Lyrics © Copyright stated copyright owner.
All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission of copyright owner.
Please do not reproduce these lyrics elsewhere without express permission.

I Only Want My Love To Grow In You


Old School Songs

It takes a little sunshine
It takes a little rain
It takes a little laughter
It takes a little pain
But I can take the heartaches
I only want my love to grow in you.

It takes a little kindness
It takes a little tears
It takes some understanding
To last so many years
But I can take the changes
I only want my love to grow in you.

I'll hang in on you
While you hang out on me
I know you have your reasons
For needing to be free
Why don't we talk it over
And find out where we stand
In my old-fashioned way
I'll always lend a helping hand.

It takes the joy of knowing
That even if we're poor
We somehow turn out richer
Than we ever were before
Now I don't need much money
I only want my love to grow in you.

Turn Me Round


Old School Songs

My life is never peaceful
As I fly me high above
For I hover like an eagle
With an olive branch of love
With the vision of a hunter
And the conscience of a dove.

Turn me round.

Now the eagle holds the aces
When it comes to strength and pace
For the dove is a beginner
In the universal race
But lonely is the hunter
As he closes in the chase.

Turn me round
Clear my vision
Let me see the light
Turn me round
Change position
Give the blind man sight
Turn me round.

Let me see the tracery
Of the lines upon your face
As I kneel in contemplation
Of your majesty and grace
For the eagle in his sorrow
Is a man in sure disgrace.

My dove, my mediator
May you flourish in your solitude
A haven in the storm clouds
Let me paint you in your studio
May the brushmarks on the canvas
Show the eagle in his eerie mood.

Hard Hard Winter


Old School Songs

The red sun sets, the lone wolves wail
It's lonesome here out on the Eastern trail
And all my friends are tired and pale
It's going to be a hard, hard winter
Long and cold.

My eyes reflect the crystal moon
As cold as ice at highest noon
The birds have left a month too soon
It's going to be a hard, hard winter
Long and cold.

My lady of the midnight sun
Shone her rays on everyone
But knew not when the day was done
She wasted her life
Having fun.

The night grows old, the sandman cries
He may be sad but is he wise
The tears are frozen to his eyes
It's going to be a hard, hard winter
Long and cold.

My Friend Peter


Old School Songs

My friend Peter was not that old
A generous man with a heart of gold
They took his money, they took his home
They wouldn't leave my friend Peter alone.

My friend Peter's mother, boy she was a bitch
All she ever gave him was a nervous twitch
She left her money to her fancy gent
She didn't leave my friend Peter a cent.

My friend Peter was the company boss
With labour problems and a heavy loss
The school bills came with a rise in fees
My friend Peter was on his knees.

My friend Peter was never hip
But his wife was fond of the groovy trip
She spent her money like she spent her nights
She wouldn't show my friend Peter the sights.

My friend Peter was a worried guy
When the taxman came with his beady eye
They froze his bank account, they took his car
They wouldn't let my friend Peter go far.

My friend Peter was a family man
With a decent job and a long-term plan
He loved his kids, adored his wife
My friend Peter just took his life.

The Soldier's Tale


Old School Songs

The watchers on the hillside stand in silence
As the dawn appears
Then they gather to their horses in an instant
As a sunshaft sears
Through the morning mist which hangs low in the valleys
Like a serpent's tail
Both poisonous to enemies and heroes
In the soldiers' tale.

A lonely tower stands empty as a refuge
By the sullen lake
As the straggle of survivors, in their weakness,
Make a grave mistake
For the crossroad sign which points towards the cost
Is another nail
In the cross of the Pretender and his comrades
In the soldiers' tale.

The dream we once knew
Is now over
The battle is lost
The retreat has begun
Let us make our escape
In the dead of the night
While the lone widows wail
In the soldiers' tale.

The French boat, at the ready, stands at anchor
On the swollen tide
His loyal followers raise a faint cheer
As he draws aside
The Pretender's cause is lost, a sad farewell
As the boat sets sail
And the rain hurls down on the challenge of the gauntlet
In the soldiers' tale.

The soldiers' song is never sung
The soldiers' battle never won
The soldiers' lives are bought an sold
The soldiers' bayonets are cold
The soldiers' guns are never fired
The soldiers' eyes are never tired
The soldiers' hearts are filled with hate
A soldier's cause must ever wait.

Simple Visions


Old School Songs

Simple visions come to me
I was blind but now I see
Simple visions of my soul
Cut in pieces now I'm whole.

Simple visions from the heart
Once I faltered at the start
Simple visions of my past
Seldom first but never last.

Time will mend this broken heart
For fate decreed that we must part
One for all and all in vain
It would be marvellous to see you again.

Simple visions in the night
Walk on air in coloured light
Simple visions lost in time
Come and see the rainbow line

Let us conjure magic from the moon
Raise the phantom tide and swell the stream
Sweep away the bridge on which we stand
Bind the lovers' knot and find the dream.

Let us make a pact beneath the stars
Intertwine our limbs like windswept trees
Tearing in the passion of the storm
Spent in harmony like autumn leaves.

Let us make deep cuts and mix our blood
Sacrifice the mockingbird above
Soaring on the wings of paradise
Simple visions of a perfect love.



Old School Songs

When I look into your eyes
I can see straight through those old white lies
Can someone take you higher
You are one of those mistakes
A lonely singer sometimes make
You hurt my pride and leave me tongue-tied.

Even when you're near me
Love is far away

Now where should I begin
To explain the shape I find you in
You're under age and underrated
You're a wild storm in the night
You're the early morning shining bright
A time and motion revolution.

Can you hear me
Do you see yourself reflected
In the stars in your eyes
Do you wear their disguise
Have they taught you how to cry.

Deep down you're very hard
And you never played a losing card
But I am just beginning
Now you'll make out alright
Just keep your halo shining bright
Our lines were crossed
And you just lost out.

Wasting My Time (Thinking Of You)


Old School Songs

Every day and every night
I'm thinking of you, thinking of you
When I get into bed and turn out the light
I'm thinking of you, thinking of you.

Messing around with a song that I wrote
Thinking of you, thinking of you
Plucking up the courage to send you a note
Thinking of you, thinking of you.

I just get the feeling that I'm wasting my time
I can see you strung out on a different line
I'm wasting my time, wasting my time.

May be I am, maybe I'm not
Wasting my time, thinking of you
But I'm making the most of what little I've got
I'm wasting my time, thinking of you.

Getting my kicks from Algerian wine
Thinking of you, thinking of you
Getting hung up on the telephone line.
Wasting my time, thinking of you.

Beside The Rio Grande


Old School Songs

It happened rather suddenly that the Preacher came to town
With stories from the Testaments of men of great reknown
With his box of patent medicines he swore to cure all ills
From the lameness in the horses, to the children's colds and chills
And he had along his Indian wife and a country music band
Who sang of peace and brotherhood beside the Rio Grande.

Now the Preacher quickly gathered sick and poor from miles around
Who came to him for comfort and to hear his country sound
But the mayor thought he was trouble when he spoke against the law
And he saw the growing power of the crowds that he could draw
And he worried when the Preacher bought himself a plot of land
To settle with his family beside the Rio Grande.

The saloon was pretty crowded and the stakes was a-running high
And the girls sang sentimental songs that made us cowboys cry
We began to criticise the Preacher marrying a squaw
And how could he associate with cripples, drunks and whores
And in a crazy fit the Preacher scattered chips and winning hands
And condemned it as a den of vice beside the Rio Grande.

Now the boys were drunk and rowdy, and mostly pretty mean
And we dragged him to the sidewalk and whipped his shoulders clean
We said he was responsible for bringing on the drought
That had burned off all the spring grass and had wiped the young herd out
The sheriff would not get involved, the law could take no hand
The Preacher had not harmed a soul.

We pegged him on the hillside alongside two Apache braves
Who'd been given picks and shovels and been made to dig their graves
And when he asked for water stood and pissed around his feet
While his tongue swelled up and blackened in the burning desert heat
And someone said we ought to mark the Preacher with a brand
To show that he did not belong beside the Rio Grande.

Then the sky began to darken and a breeze whipped up the dust
And some of us were frightened while others swore and cursed
And the Preacher said a few words with his final dying breath
About forgiving us for what we had done to bring about his death
And as the night began to fall we covered him with sand
And left his weary bones to bleach.

So Close And Yet So Far Away


Old School Songs

You're my secret
You're my inspiration
You're my journey
You're my destination
You have always
Been so close
And yet so far away.

You're my best friend
You're my total stranger
You're my lifeline
You're my hint of danger
You have always
Been so close
And yet so far away.

In my hour of weakness
I called on you to comfort me
But you could only set me free.

You're my memories
You're my rock of ages
You're my future
You're my empty pages
You have always
Been so close
And yet so far away.

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Lyrics © Copyright stated copyright owner.
All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission of copyright owner.
Please do not reproduce these lyrics elsewhere without express permission.
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