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Lyrics © Copyright stated copyright owner.
All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission of copyright owner.
Please do not reproduce these lyrics elsewhere without express permission.

Might As Well Be On Mars


Not available

Sunday morning with the New York Times
The sun is shining in my penthouse suite
My lady love laid down some lines
They reach from Culver Beach to Easy Street
Before the mirror you apply your cream
Cosmetic secrets of eternal youth
There's something the matter, it's just a bad dream
I knew you'd leave me if you knew the truth.

I might as well be on Mars
I might as well be on Mars
Only the stars mean anything to you
I might as well be on Mars
I might as well be on Mars
I'm already that far away from you.

We lead such a sweet existence
But I'm reaching out to you in vain
You're disappearing in the distance
Of this alien terrain.

Monday night, another day goes by
Your voice keeps telling me that life is sweet
I watch your star flash into the sky
Crash down to earth again on Easy Street.

The King


Old School Songs

The soft blush of evening
Returns to the folded hills
The sky rains magenta
In praise of the shepherd's skills
The lion lies down beside the lamb
At peace in the holy ground.

The King is returning
And those that were lost are found.

The old moon is resting
She sleeps in the new moon's arms
The love of a mother
Eclipsed by her daughter's charms
The robin bares his wounded breast
And sings with a joyful sound.

The glory of Heaven
Explodes in the rising sun
The long wait is over
The new reign just begun
The ransom of the holly bush
Was paid when the King was crowned.

A symphony of harmonies
In one triumphant sound.

Forever Ocean Blue


Old School Songs

Treasure each passing day
Each hour and every moment
This is where we belong
Where the heart beats strong
Should you ever feel alone - don't despair
I'll always be around to take good care.

On lonely winter days
We'll think of one another
And in the darkest night
Look for my guiding light
And should you ever feel alone - don't despair
We'll soon be on our way
But who knows where.

We'll build ourselves a dreamboat
Me and you
Forever ocean blue

I sometimes close my eyes
When I'm in distant places
I see you wild and free
Down beside the sea
Should you ever feel alone - then don't despair
We've got our everlasting love affair.

Grace Darling


Old School Songs

You have been my lighthouse
In every storm
You have given shelter
You have kept me safe and warm
And in my darkest nights
You have shone your brightest lights
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.

You have been the pilot
Who guides me home
You have been the my rock
As on the seven seas I roam
And when I was becalmed
You were the strength in my arms
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.

And when I found my back
Was torn and broken on the reef
You sailed your tiny boat
Across the dark seas of my disbelief.

You have been the anchor
And I the chain
Straining as we hold ourselves
Together in the rain
I have found you ever there
My constant keeper's daughter fair
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.

Afraid To Let You Go


Fazz Music

In the light of the morning after
There's no lover's laughter
Just a pile of clothes beside my door
In the street I can hear the rain
But in my heart there's only pain
I've seen you look that way before.

Oh I can't let you go
I'll find it hard to be without you
I want to feel you all around me
Hold on to you somehow
And I pray that you'll stay with me
I'm so afraid to let you go.

You watch the clock as you fix your make up
Turn around as you hear me wake up
But you can't look me in the eye
You grab your coat and start to run
'Cause you can't face the only one
Who makes it hard to say goodbye.

Tell Me What You See In Me


Old School Songs

My ship sails in
On a cloud of broken promises
It's just not true
Not a single word she says
Time will tell
Whether I can change my ways
It might take years
It might even take always.

Tell me what you see in me
And I'll tell you what I see in you.

Your picture melts
Before my tired eyes
And all it leaves
Is just a trace of paradise
You'll change again
That's what I've been told
But don't take long
Or I might get too old.

Take it easy
But take it slow
For who knows which way next
That wind will blow
Time goes by
Just as quickly as I want it to
And I'll make out
Like I never knew.

Ringing Down The Years


Old School Songs

We met when you were still a girl
In nineteen sixty eight
You wore a white dress and a hat
I touched the hand of fate
Your sweet voice took my breath away
Your smile lit up your face
You still had both feet on the ground
I was out in space

That certain sadness in your eyes
The secret of your smile
I've carried all these memories
Down many's the weary mile
And every time I hear your name
My eyes moist up with tears
As every word you ever sang
Comes ringing down the years.

We sat and talked the whole night long
Of all our rights and wrongs
Of mutual acquaintances
We sang each other's song
You were with me when the morning broke
The birds refused to sing
They knew when they were beaten
They hid beneath their wings.

I was in a Cleveland hotel room
When they telephoned the news
I drowned my sorrow all night long
The Southern Comfort blues
The show went on to great applause
Choking back the tears
As every word you ever sang
Came ringing down the years.

I reached out for the hourglass
To turn it face about
But who knows where the time goes
When your time is running out
I know someday we'll meet again
And I know just what I'll find
You'll have taught the angels how to sing
Georgia - Georgia on my mind.

Stone Cold Is The Woman's Heart


Old School Songs

The woman moves in mysterious ways
Her miracles to defend
She is patient as your enemy
Triumphant as your friend
She lures her prey with sleight of hand
And scores with a poisoned dart

Who knows why
Deep down inside
Stone cold is the woman's heart.

The woman has the cutting tongue
But the man still has his pride
The fire may long have burned out
But he smoulders deep inside
The drama calls for a leading man
He hungers for the part

She will set you up
Let you down
Lay your body low
She will lead you to believe
THat you have nowhere else to go
She is sorcery
In every way a perfect work of art

The woman has the frigid touch
Still the memories remain
She has clothed herself in loneliness
And learned to wear the pain
She has run the race
In many's the way
But ends back at the start.

Taking A Chance


Fazz Music

You come knocking at my door
'Cause no-one wants you around
Should I swallow my pride
Forget what happened before
When I found out
You were fooling around with my feelings
And messing around with my heart
Now you come here saying we can make a new start.

I don't need you now
I believe I don't know how
You can say that we're forever
We've been apart too long
You know what went wrong
You left me with nothing to believe in.

Once there was a time
I'd always follow you 'round
I believed in us
And every word you said
'Til I found out
You were out on the town with my best friend
But I was the last one to know
Did you honestly think a love like that could grow.

You know you made a fool of me
Nothing can change that now
Hanging onto a dream of how it used to be
Taking a chance, hoping it all works out.

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Lyrics © Copyright stated copyright owner.
All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission of copyright owner.
Please do not reproduce these lyrics elsewhere without express permission.
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