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As well as the "proper" annuals (Beano and Dandy etc.) the music press got into the act of producing childrens' annuals - collections of articles, competitions, cartoon strips, meaningless trivia etc. A few of these in the early 70s featured the Strawbs .... NB. date is the year on the annual, these were generally published in late autumn of the preceding year - hence a glut of them in dated 1974 (which really reflect Strawbs popularity in UK in 1973 - in 1974 they were old news in the teeny boppper market).


Early Wakeman era photoshoot (the photos were also used for 2006's Recollection).


Probably one of the least accurate articles I've seen on the Strawbs, otherwise very heavy on teeny-bopper material.

FAB 208, 1974

Groups of the Year feature, otherwise standard girl mag stuff:


The best of the lot - some rarely seen Mick Rock photos and a good article by Richard Green (no relation !) plus profiles of producers Gus Dudgeon and Tony Visconti

FAB 208, 1975

Hudson Ford get bigged up in this 1975 FAB 208 annual including an article about hairstyles where Hud confesses to a "slightly receding hairline" ...

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