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This, like the 1970 programme above is intended to serve four different bands. By the way the staples are aligned, I think that Family and Mountain were on the outer cover, but of course it could be folded both ways, to be a souvenir for Strawbs and Procol Harum. (Quite why the outer covers are labelled "This book is designed for your further enjoyment of the show, it is not a programme", I have no idea: looks like a programme to me.

Difficult to date exactly particularly from the Strawbs piece - photo of the Antiques & Curios band rejected for the back cover, and some stuff about bluegrass and Claire Deniz playing cello. But elsewhere, the Mountain piece talks about their upcoming English Tour and mentions UK dates in Jan 1972, concluding: "Undeniably a band that's going places in 1972." So this was probably produced in 1971, making the Strawbs section well uncontemporary - by that time Blue had replaced Rick and they were recording Grave New World.

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