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The first Cambridge appearance with Cousins, Hooper and Chesterman (the first in 1965 was a duo appearance by Cousins and Hooper). Whilst Strawbs and other artists featured on the last page or so (includng Al Stewart, Colin Scott and Jon Betmead, all of which feature in the Daid Bilk agency ad), they don't appear in the mian programme. There's a flyer which adds an impromptu Sunday morning concert, with even more names, including The Sallyangie (a very young Mike and Sally Oldfield) and West London folk stalwart Cliff Aungier), but Cousins' diary entry related to the festival is for the Saturday and they are noted as playing in Chelmsford on Sunday (not impossible after a morning show in Cambridge) - see 1968 Timeline page

Other featured artists included Roy Harper, Derek Brimstone and Noel Murphy, Pentangle and Sweeney's Men, as well as US visitors Odetta, Tom Rush and Hedy West. The piece on Noel includes a plug for his album Nyaaaah on which the Strawbs played - see Sessions page

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