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 Hummingbird cover shot WAKEMAN & COUSINS: HUMMINGBIRD (Witchwood Media WMCD 2007, 2002)

  1. The Young Pretender (Cousins/Wakeman)
  2. Hummingbird (Cousins/Wakeman)
  3. So Shall Our Love Die (Cousins)
  4. Steppes (Wakeman)
  5. October To May
  6. Ice Maiden (Wakeman)
  7. Higher Germanie (Trad. arr. Cousins/Wakeman)
  8. Stone Cold Is The Woman's Heart (Cousins)
  9. Crie De Coeur (Wakeman)
  10. All In Vain (Cousins/Wakeman)
  11. Can You Believe (Cousins/Leon/Webb)
  12. Via Bencini (Wakeman)
  13. Forever Ocean Blue (Cousins)

Wakeman & Cousins Live cover shot WAKEMAN & COUSINS: Live 1988 (Witchwood Media, WMCD 2024 2005)

    Dave Cousins solo, Exeter 1988

  1. Grace Darling
  2. Part Of The Union

    Wakeman and Cousins, Exeter 1988

  3. A Glimpse Of Heaven
  4. Song Of A Sad Little Girl
  5. The Hangman And The Papist
  6. Witchwood
  7. The Shepherd's Song
  8. Ways And Means

    Wakeman and Cousins, Dranouter, 6 Aug Belgium 1988

  9. Martin Luther King's Dream (*)

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