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King Earl Boogie Band cover Trouble At T'Mill (Dawn DNLS 3040, 1972)

  1. Bad Storm Coming (Evans/O'Donnell/Collier)
  2. Take Me Back (Lambert)
  3. Live Your Own Life P. Mc. (Lambert)
  4. Bovver Blues (Lambert)
  5. Plastic Jesus (King)

  6. If The Lord Don't Get You (Lambert)
  7. Goin' To German (Trad. arr. King)
  8. Keep Your Hands Off My Woman (Levy/Minter/Glover)
  9. Go Down You Murderers (McColl)

King Earl Boogie Band cover Trouble At T'Mill (Pye LDM 301.139, 1972, France)

Same tracks as UK version

cover shot Paul King: Been In The Pen Too Long/King Earl Boogie Band: Trouble At T'Mill (See For Miles, SEECD 429, 1995)

  1. Grey Eyed Athena
  2. Jean Harlow
  3. Sugarcane
  4. Three Dog Night
  5. Whoa Buck
  6. Clockwork Machine
  7. Candy Man
  8. I've Changed My Face
  9. *One Legged Man In A Goldfish Bowl (Been In The Pen Too Long)
  10. *Bad Storm Coming (Evans/O'Donnell/Collier)
  11. *Take Me Back (Lambert)
  12. *Live Your Own Life P. Mc. (Lambert)
  13. *Bovver Blues (Lambert)
  14. *Plastic Jesus (King)
  15. *If The Lord Don't Get You (Lambert)
  16. *Goin' To German (Trad. arr. King)
  17. *Keep Your Hands Off My Woman (Levy/Minter/Glover)
  18. *Go Down You Murderers (McColl)

(*) are King Earl Boogie Band tracks; remainder from Paul King solo

The Mill Is Gone (A New Day, AND CD4, 1995) Mill Is Gone cover

  1. Plastic Jesus (King)
  2. Can't Get The Stuff (Herd)
  3. Wind Of Change (King)
  4. Feel So Good (Morganfield)
  5. Long Tall Women (King)
  6. Bottle Up And Go (Trad. arr. KEBB)
  7. Leavin' Trunk (Estes)
  8. Cocaine/Frisco Bay (Trad. arr. King)/(Fuller)
  9. Sophisticated Mama (King)
  10. Taste For Alcohol (Jones)
  11. Whenever I See Her (King)
  12. Round And Round (Trad. arr. KEBB)
  13. Valentine Blues (Ward)
  14. Whoa Buck (Leadbetter)
  15. Built For Comfort (Dixon)
  16. Fixin' To Die (MacDonald)

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