Cry No More

Chas and Roy regularly perform their annual Farewell show each Christmas. And Roy has been working on getting some of their old/lost/unreleased material onto CD.

Roy Hill

Roy's first album was released in 1978, his latest Switzerland is imminent ..... between then and now a range of Roy's "lost tapes" have been released.

Dave Cousins & Conny Conrad

Dave and Conny's collaborative effort High Seas (2005) with some fantastic new Cousins songs, complemented by "orchestral prog" arrangements.

Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins

Dave and Rick collaborated on a new studio album Hummingbird (2002). More recently a live 1988 duo performance was the first release in the From The Witchwood Media Archive Series

Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert's 2004 solo album Work In Progress includes some Fire material, his solo Chiswick tracks and some excellent new songs

Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig

Brian Willoughby has a solo instrumental album out, Fingers Crossed (2005) and Cathryn and Brian's most recent release is I Will


In 2005, just before the General Election, Hud released a single called "The Actor", carrying on the theme of political commentary evident in "Part Of The Union" and "Just Say No". There's a microsite about the single.

John Ford

A prolific output, 4 solo albums since 1998 plus a maxi single "New World" and an album of Christmas songs released in 2005

High Society

High Society are currently selling a CDR version of their album with additional bonus tracks

Chas Cronk: Mystic Mountain Music

Chas has an instrumental album of relaxation music available

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