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Renaissance Illusion


 Renaissance: Renaissance cover shot RENAISSANCE: RENAISSANCE (Island ILPS 9114, 1969)

  1. Kings And Queens (Relf/Hawken/McCarty)
  2. Innocence (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  3. Island (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  4. Wanderer (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  5. Bullet (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)

Renaissance: Illusion cover shot RENAISSANCE: ILLUSION (Island Help 27, 1971, withdrawn)


RENAISSANCE: ILLUSION (Repertoire REP 4513 WY, CD, 1995)

  1. Love Goes On (Relf/Relf)
  2. Golden Thread (Relf/McCarty)
  3. Love Is All (McCarty/Thatcher)
  4. Mr. Pine (Dunford)
  5. Face Of Yesterday (McCarty)
  6. Past Orbits Of Dust (Relf/McCarty/Thatcher)

RENAISSANCE: OFFSHOOTS (unauthorised, 1992)

Innocents & Illusions cover shot RENAISSANCE: INNOCENTS & ILLUSIONS (Castle CMEDD 874, 2CD, 2004)

  1. Kings And Queens (Relf/Hawken/McCarty)
  2. Innocence (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  3. Island (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  4. Wanderer (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  5. Bullet (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)
  6. The Sea (Relf/McCarty)
  7. Island (single version) (Relf/Hawken/McCarty/Cennamo)

  8. Love Goes On (Relf/Relf)
  9. Golden Thread (Relf/McCarty)
  10. Love Is All (McCarty/Thatcher)
  11. Mr. Pine (Dunford)
  12. Face Of Yesterday (McCarty)
  13. Past Orbits Of Dust (Relf/McCarty/Thatcher)
  14. Prayer For Light (Relf/McCarty)
  15. Walking Away (Relf/McCarty)
  16. Shining Where The Sun Has Been (McCarty)
  17. All The Falling Angels (McCarty)


cover shot ILLUSION: OUT OF THE MIST (Island ILPS 9489,1977)

  1. Isadora
  2. Roads To Freedom
  3. Beautiful Country
  4. Solo Flight
  5. Everywhere You Go
  6. Face Of Yesterday
  7. Candles Are Burning


cover shot ILLLUSION: ILLUSION (Island ILPS 9519, 1978

  1. Madonna Blue
  2. Never Be The Same
  3. Louis' Theme
  4. Wings Across The Sea
  5. Cruising Nowhere
  6. Man Of Miracles
  7. The Revolutionary

Enchanted Caress cover shotEnchanted Caress cover shot ILLUSION: ENCHANTED CARESS (Promised Land 92552, 1990) (unreleased 19979 recordings)

  1. Nights In Paris (McCarty)
  2. Walking Space (McCarty)
  3. The Man Who Loved The Trees (McCarty)
  4. Getting Into Love Again (McCarty)
  5. As Long As We're Together (McCarty)
  6. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Rodgers)
  7. Living Above Your Head (McCarty)
  8. Crossed Lines (McCarty)
  9. You Are The One (McCarty)
  10. All The Falling Angels (Relf)


Through The fire cover shotRENAISSANCE ILLUSION: THROUGH THE FIRE (Spiral SCD 923, 2001)

  1. One More Turn Of The Wheel (McCarty)
  2. Good Heart (McCarty)
  3. Glorious One (McCarty)
  4. Through The Fire (McCarty)
  5. Blowing Away (McCarty)
  6. Mystery Being (McCarty)
  7. Best Of The Earth (McCarty)
  8. Beyond The Day (McCarty)
  9. My Old Friend (McCarty)
  10. Through The Fire [Reprise](McCarty)

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