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Graeme Taylor

Tom Leary

Dave Lambert

Jon Davie

Zeus is a new band featuring Graeme Taylor, Tom Leary, Dave Lambert and Jon Davie.

In 1994 Graeme and Tom first toured Europe with the late John B Spencer and Tom & Jon toured in Canada the year before with The Albion Morris. A few years down the line, this new project was started with the addition of Dave Lambert (Strawbs).

Tom is also a member of the celebrated Feast of Fiddles with Ian Cutler (who of course plays as a duo with Dave Cousins and in Dave's Blue Angel Orchestra).

Zeus will be playing a mix of acoustic songs and instrumentals, both original and traditional with influences ranging from the British Isles to the Far East. According to a recent interview with DL, this should be a bit "different", as they are intending to use traditional folky instruments but want to achieve something different from a traditional folky sound.

Readers of these pages might already be somewhat familiar with Dave Lambert {grin}, who'll be on guitar and vocals with Zeus, but here's some info about the other members of the band:

  • Graeme Taylor: guitar, vocals (Gryphon, The Albion Band, John Tams Band, The Home Service, John Kirkpatrick Band & The Rolf Harris Band)
  • Tom Leary: fiddle, mandolin etc (Feast of Fiddles, Tanna, Little Johnny England, Kevin Dempsey, Phil Bates Trio (ELO), Albion Morris)
  • Jon Davie: bass (Gryphon, The Home Service, John Williams, Albion Morris etc)
  • Zeus made their live debut at the spectacular 40th Anniversary Strawbs weekend in September 2009, to considerable acclaim. Astudio album is nearly finished and expected some time in 2010.

    See also Dave Lambert, Fire, King Earl Boogie Band, Lambert Cronk



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