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Cousins & Conrad High Seas cover


Following the good reception for the two tracks featuring Dave on Conny Conrad's Generations CD, the two got together to record a whole CD of collaborative material, be released in July 2005. I've been lucky enough to have an early copy - check out my preview feature. It's a powerful set, matching Conny's guitar and arrangements with some of the finest and most striking songs Dave has produced for a while - the rocking "Call To Action" is a standout track for many, the poignant "Deep In The Darkest Night" does it for others.

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David Cousins vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer
Conny Conrad - guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals

Rick Wakeman - piano on "Deep In The Darkest Night"

Track listing

  1. The Call To Action (Cousins)
  2. Deep Inside (Conrad/Cousins)
  3. The Rose (Cousins)
  4. On The Horizon (Conrad)
  5. Deep In The Darkest Night (Cousins)
  6. The Moon And Stars (Conrad/Cousins)
  7. My Oh My My (Conrad/Cousins)
  8. It's Just My Way Of Loving You (Cousins)
  9. Not Another Day (Conrad)
  10. Haiku (Cousins)
  11. The Feng Shui Symphony (Conrad)

Sleeve Notes

To follow

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