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Lyrics © Copyright stated copyright owner.
All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission.



Old School Songs

As from the mountaintops they come
By sandstorm desert stretching far
The fall of countless drops of light
The new moon and the crescent star

The silent march of muffled hooves
The gleam of glistening coal black eyes
The darkened blades and shrouded hoods
Beyond the means of compromise

No need to show remorse, regret
Or even shed a silent tear
A vision of the promised land
Where death holds no disgrace or fear
Will you heed the call

As from the new born land they come
By union state with endless might
The weak find their release in hope
The rosary, the guiding light

The revelation of the soul
Where every man can speak as free
To stand forever side by side
To breed a new democracy

No need to show remorse, regret
Or even shed a silent tear
A vision of the promised land
Where death holds no disgrace or fear
Will you heed the call

The humble will inherit
All of God's own holy grails
But God will not provide for them
When vanity prevails
Will you heed the call



Old School Songs/Popline Whale Hamburg

Who can I turn to
On this God forsaken highway
The sky is endless
Arctic blue
On a motherless morning
In the depths of the bleak midwinter
No one to turn to
Except for you

Bundles of money
Wouldn't make no blind bit of difference
No one to turn to
Except for you

Your love keeps the engine turning
I can feel it deep inside
The warmth of a fire burning
Deep inside

Storms are gathering
There is danger on the shoreline
Our fishing fleet
Is overdue
Please lay my body
In a casket lined with sea-shells
No one to turn to
Except for you



Old School Songs

The rose will turn a symphony
From high to deep despair
As when a man of mortal means can fail
On solid air the lark must soar in space
To greet the only child new-born
When miracles of life
Extend beyond the rose-tint dawn

The rose will sooth the savage breast
The rose will tame the beast
The rose will blind a young man's heart
As when it matters least

The blood-red orange rose
Will bear the fruit of many wombs
Of maidens clutching child-like
Images of saddled grooms
Brushing manes with gentleness
And tender loving care
With every sign of innocence
But not a blush to spare

The purple rose
The mortal man must carry to his grave
A reminder of the way they needs must set to
Braving fire and water
Bless his simple soul
But ever burns the image
Of the rose of glowing coals



Popline Whale Hamburg

Looking back at my steps in the sand
Small waves crawling over my hand
What a night
What a day
There is no other love
What a wonderful place I have found

On the horizon I can see
Faraway lights they come to me
On the horizon by the sea

I hear a whisper of a faraway voice
Must be an angel, I have no choice
And the sun's going down
The night's coming in
Close my eyes, got a dream
Don't know where I've been

Not a dream, it's reality
They come down
Have a talk to me
It's unbelievable for me what they say
Time is over
They cannot stay



Old School Songs

Engine's turning
But there ain't no spark
Owls a-hooting
But the dog won't bark
No more greetings
From the meadowlark
Deep in the darkest night

I tried to warn you
But you'd gone too far
The cut was serious
But it left no scar
So now you're waving
From a distant star
Deep in the darkest night

You were youngest
But you stepped out first
You were gifted
But the gift was cursed
Your gave your good heart
'Til your good heart burst
Deep in the darkest night

You spoke your word
And your word was trust
But a will of iron
Can turn to rust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Deep in the darkest night

You climbed your ladder
While the sun shone bright
But now you're a memory
Never out of sight
A shining speck of light
Deep in the darkest night



Old School Songs/Popline Whale Hamburg

You are the moon
I am the stars
We meet along the way
We are as one
The night in play
Dreaming the night away

Maybe we'll travel to another planet
There's so much left out there to do
Another galaxy, another universe
When all I ever see is you
Dreaming the night away

And if we find ourselves around the corner
Just let us hope it's not too far
We'll discover one another once again
Far behind an unknown star



New Line Musikverlag/Old School Songs

Some say the good-times have all gone
But we still sing the same old songs

Bell-bottom baggies
High Cuban heels
We kept the hood down
Number one wheels
They saw us coming
Permanent blonde
The next stop Tokyo
Avec tout l'amour du monde

My oh my my
So those were the good times
My oh my my
I remember them well

Then there came deep cuts
Troublesome hacks
Dark misdemeanours
Blood on the tracks
The game was done with
Singing yeah, yeah, yeah
Those old Mohicans
Busted flat without a spare



Old School Songs

There have of course been others
Though none were quite the same
It's just my way of loving you
Though I choose to tell you
It's not a claim to fame
It's just my way of loving you
I'll let my eyes speak silently
The truth is yours to hear
You know that eyes can never lie
Whatever I appear to be

I can be quite be outrageous
A pirate with a hook
It's just my way of loving you
But sometimes I will give you
That dark mysterious look
It's just my way of loving you
I'll trace you with my fingertips
Caress you with my tongue
A love like ours can never die
Forever we'll be young at heart

I bear a silent witness
Through every blue-black night
It's just my way of loving you
I've re-read all the letters
I never got to write
It's just my way of loving you
My moods can match the darkest shade
Of any blackbird's wing
The evening sky will rest in peace
Together we will sing our song
It's just my way of loving you



Popline Whale Hamburg

In our early days you smiled and came to stay
You have been my greatest love in every way
You know, you have always been my inspiration

With every beat of my constant heart
You have been the one and only part
Of my life, you have always been my inspiration

Yesterday you went to walk away
Could not bear to stay another day
Sad and lonely times, what can I say
You just don't care
There's not another day
Not another day

What is the reason, tell me why you're hurting me
I've no idea of any wrongs that I can see
So please, give me a sign or an answer
Did I ever not take note of what you feel
Now it's over, can't believe that it's now real
So please, give me a sign or an answer



Old School Songs

Iridescent leaves
Bursting au vert through shadows
Put spring in our step

The height of pleasure
Fleet footed does in bracken
Surrounded by stag

Coven in witch wood
Seeking refuge in colours
A rainfall of tears

Red-breasted robin
Bearing garland of briers
A crumb of cold cheer

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