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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions front cover

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This page lists only the versions of the 2010 "Complete Sessions" reissues on CD and high quality vinyl.

For the original 1973 Hallmark release and the Spanish/Russian CD bootlegs with three extra tracks, see the the All Our Own Work page

For the 1991 Hannibal Sandy And The Strawbs, see the Sandy And The Strawbs page.

  • UK release with bonus tracks (Witchwood Media, 2010)
  • UK promo release
  • Japanese facsimile card sleeve CD release with bonus tracks (Airmail Airac 1702, 2013)
  • All Our Own Work, boxed set of multiple Japanese facsimile card sleeve CDs (Airmail, 2013)

  • Other formats
    Not released on cassette or 8-track

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    UK release

    All Our Own Work - The Complete Sessions Witchwood Media CD release, 2010, with bonus tracks: WMCD 2047 (Witchwood Media, 2010) . June 2010 saw the release on CD of the complete Sandy and the Strawbs sessions which took place in Copenhagen in 1967. This is the first time that the whole of the All Our Own Work album has been legitimately released on CD. The lavishly illustrated packaging includes extracts from Dave Cousins' diary of the time and never before seen pictures of Sandy.

    The master tapes were remastered by Chris Tsangarides and sound fantastic, bringing out elements of the music we've never heard before on either the old Pickwick release in 1973 or the Hannibal release (Sandy And The Strawbs). And there are various demos and outtakes from the period, including two Dave Cousins songs "Indian Summer" and "The Falling Leaves" which have never before seen the light of day, and a version of "Pieces of 79 and 15" with a Cousins lead vocal.

    Outer sleeve

    Inner panels

    Booklet - front (p1) and back (p8)

    Booklet - pages 2&3

    Booklet - pages 4&5

    Booklet - pages 6 & 7

    CD body

    UK promo release

    All Our Own Work - The Complete Sessions Witchwood Media CD release, 2010, with bonus tracks: WMCD 2047 (Witchwood Media, 2010) . 4pp (only 1-side printed) foldaround booklet, with CD inside.

    Outer sleeve


    Japanese release

    All Our Own Work, Japanese facsimile card sleeve CD release with bonus tracks: (Airmail Airac 1702, Japan, 2013) . Witchwood Media licensed The Complete Sessions (amongst others) to Air Mail who brought out attractively packaged facsimile card sleeve versions in 2013. The front and back covers are exact replicas of the original vinyl album, listing only the original 12 tracks, though of course all 20 are provided on CD. There's an Obi, which advertises Air Mail releases of Two Weeks Last Summer, Deep Cuts and Burning For You. Nice touch - the CD body is got up to look like the original blue Hallmark label.

    Inside the sleeve, there's a cutdown version of the UK booklet - only 4pp, but there's a Japanese black and white 2-sided 2CDx2CD sized insert: the front has the track listing; the back has the lyrics, but only for the original 12 tracks. The CD itself comes in a protective fabric bag.

    Front and back covers


    CD and Obi


    All Our Own Work - multiple CD box, facsimile card sleeves with Obi: no number for set (Airmail, Japan, 2013). Airmail licensed a number of CD from Witchwood Media, and chose to package them into a Sandy Denny and the Strawbs: All Our Own Work boxed set. There's one (at the time of writing) on offer at:, which suggests that all eight Airmail CD releases are included in the box. However, whilst all eight will fit in the box, the version I bought had only five, the AIRAC 170X numbered releases:

    The five in my copy:

    The extra three:

    I'll try and find out what the true position was.

    These original photos of the box etc. (including only the 5 CDs I received) are taken by me! If you use them on Ebay, please credit Strawbsweb. The box was a very limited edition it seems, and very few seem to come up for sale.

    Front, back and spine

    Box end and contents


    All Our Own Work - The Complete Sessions, 2LP Vinyl reissue, with bonus tracks (Numerophon, 2014). In 2014, vinyl specialist Numerophon produced, under licence from Witchwood Media, a splendid 2LP vinyl version of the Complete Sessions CD, with 6 tracks per side and different packaging (see cover shot below). Available from the Numerophon website at USD20 plus p&p.

    Front and back covers

    Inside covers


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