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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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L-R: Mauritz Lotz (el gtr), Kevin Gibson (drms), Schalk Joubert (bs), Dave Cousins (vcls, dulcimer, banjo)
Brian Willoughby (el gtr), Cathryn Craig (vcls), John Ford (vcls, ac gtr), Bleaver (kbds)

As winter approaches in the UK, one memory that lingers for many of us is Dave Cousins' farewell stage performance at Cropredy. As a ‘one and only opportunity’ the Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat) arranged for a photo of the line-up to mark the occasion.

This is a limited edition of only 50 photos, each signed by those who played at Cropredy – a tribute to Dave Cousins' amazing work as singer and song writer. Dave, as a trustee of Commat, asked that this photo be made available to support the organisation’s work in providing water tanks to improve the health and lives of women and children in poor and marginalised communities in Uganda.

If you would like to have your own signed copy of this souvenir (whilst stocks last!) you can make a donation of a minimum of

  • £32 (including UK second class postage)
  • £35 (including European postage)
  • or £37 (including rest of the world postage).

    Should the postal service in your country not be reliable, please contact Commat at to discuss other options.

    All funds raised, after sending the photos to you, will go towards supporting this worthwhile project, to which Dave is deeply committed.

    The form to buy the photo is at: The system accepts various credit cards.


    Strawbs wowed the crowd at Cropredy with their final live performance, a tour de force which had the crowd giving a whole-field standing ovation at the end. There's a review and setlist on the Cropredy page and an initial raft of photos. Some more photo galleries added.


    Photo: Seth Zworestine


    You can order the album from Cherry Red from the Cherry Red website. Purchasers will get signed postcards whilst stocks last. It's also available on Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere (without the postcards ...)

    There's a review on Strawbsweb by Dick Greener on the Magic reviews page - feel free to send any reviews comments to Dick Greener

    You can read the Cherry Red press release and see the track listing and other info on Strawbsweb on the main Magic page


    Two singles have been released as downloads - you can listen to them online at the Cherry Red website via various streaming services (including Spotify and YouTube Music):

  • Ready (We Are Ready)
  • Everybody Means Something To Someone
  • Interviews and reviews  UPDATED 

  • Best Ever - Garry Stoller interviews Dave Cousins
  • American Songwriter review of Magic
  • Progarchives review of Magic
  • Dave Cousins interview
  • Dave Cousins interview
  • John Ford interview
  • Video clips

    And there are still videos online of Dave's solo living room performance of two of the new songs on the album, intended to promote the 2022 Chiswick show

    Video 1 - The Magic Of It All
    Video 2 - The Time Has Come For Giving Back

    Release date 15 Sep 2023

    Cherry Red have announced a compilation of the two Monks albums Bad Habits and Suspended Animation, together with bonus tracks many of which have never been released. Whilst a stark departure from Strawbs music, following the hit single "Nice Legs, Never Mind The Face" Hud and John together with vocalist Terry Cassidy produced two commercially successful albums - the first for EMI, and the second for Polydor Canada, which went platinum in that territory.

    You can pre-order at: from the Cherry Red website.

    CD1 - Bad Habits

    1. Johnny B Rotten
    2. Drugs In My Pocket
    3. Love In Stereo
    4. Bad Habits
    5. Spotty Face
    6. Dear Jerry, Don’t Try To Kill Me With Your Love, Norman
    7. Nice Legs Shame About Her Face
    8. Inner-City Kitty
    9. Out Of Work Musician
    10. Ain’t Gettin’ Any
    11. No Shame
    12. Skylab (Theme From Monks)
    13. Drugs In My Pocket (Alternate Version)
    14. You’ll Be The Death Of Me (B-side of single ‘Nice Legs Shame About Her Face’)
    15. No Shame (Demo Version)
    16. Monks Medley (B-side of single ‘I Can Do Anything You Like’)
    17. I Can Dub Anything You Like (Disco Mix)
    18. Beat About The Bush (Previously Unreleased)
    19. Stop & We Go (Previously Unreleased)
    20. Heap Of Junk (Previously Unreleased)

    CD2 - Suspended Animation

    1. Don’t Want No Reds
    2. Suspended Animation
    3. Don’t Bother Me – I’m Christian
    4. James Bondage
    5. Grown Ups
    6. Cool Way To Live
    7. Oxford Street
    8. Go
    9. I Can Do Anything You Like
    10. Plastic Max
    11. King Dong
    12. Space Fruit
    13. Gold And Silver (Bonus Track)
    14. Cybernetic Sister (Bonus Track)
    15. Ann Orexia (Bonus Track)
    16. Beasts In Cages (Bonus Track)
    17. Slimy Gash (Bonus Track)
    18. Lost In Romance (Bonus Track)
    19. Space Noises (Previously Unreleased)
    20. Electric Shivers (Previously Unreleased)

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