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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Early Strawbs cover

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Canadian release

Vinyl (A&M Canada, 1974): SP 9014 This repackages Strawbs and Dragonfly. The two discs are arranged with a side of Strawbs on one side and a side of Dragonfly on the other so that you can stack the discs on a multi-changer record player, and play one of the albums in sequence, then turn them over and do the same thing with the other album. Oddly, however, side 1 is the first side of Dragonfly, not Strawbs.

Gatefold, including lyrics sheet; like the first release of Strawbs, the disc is inserted from the middle of the inside rather than the outer edge. The inside of the gatefold includes some early photos of the band circa mid-1969 and very informative sleeve notes by Dave Cousins dated 3 Jul 1974. There's also an insert which provides the lyrics Dragonfly-style.

Front and back cover

Inside spread



Canadian promo

Vinyl (A&M Canada, 1974): SP 9014. White label promo, similar typography as 1974 full release, but the track details themselves are laid out differently. No lyric insert in my copy.


Canadian reissue

Vinyl (A&M Canada, ?): SP 9014 (SP-9-9014 on sides 1 and 2). Same outer packaging as initial release (old Milner Ave, Agincourt address), but the labels and company inner sleeves use the Scarborough, Ontario address. Uses the mid 1970s "spiky" typography so probably dates c 1975 or 1976.

Outer cover has a sticker.

No lyrics insert in my copy, not sure whether there was one for the reissue.



Company inner sleeve

Canadian budget reissue

Vinyl (A&M Canada, 1978?): SP 99014. Same outer packaging as initial release (old Milner Road, Agincourt address), but the labels and company inner sleeves use the Scarborough, Ontario address. From the style, probably around 1977/1978.



Canadian cassette

(*) Cassette (A&M Canada, 1974?): CS 9014. Referred to as a "twin pack" on packaging but seems to have been a single cassette with an album on each side - side 1 has all Dragonfly tracks and Side 2 all the Strawbs in same order as original vinyl releases.



Canadian 8-track?

(*) May have been an 8-track release - anyone seen one?

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