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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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The Ferryman's Curse cover

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Vinyl, cassette, 8-track
Not released in these formats

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UK release

CD: EANTCD 1070 (Esoteric Antenna, 2017. Released in November 2017, some copies were printed up ahead of that time for tour sales and have slight variations - see below.

Booklet - front (p1) and back (p12)

Booklet - pages 2&3

Booklet - pages 4&5

Booklet - pages 6 & 7

Booklet - pages 8 & 9

Booklet - pages 10 & 11

Tray back and inner



CD: EANTCD 1070 (Esoteric Antenna, 2017. The copies printed ahead of release date include the "compact disc" logo on the tray back and the CD, and the text next to the Esoteric Antenna logo on the tray back and the text at the bottom of the CD are slightly different.

Tray back and CD

Booklet misprint

Some of the early copies have the booklet pages in the wrong order (please note that the pyrics are NOT printed in the same order as they are heard on the CD - that is not the misprint!). You have a misprint if "The Ferryman's Curse" lyrics are on pp2 and 11 instead of pp2 and 3 and the sponsor names are in the middle spread (pp 6 & 7).

If you have a misprint and want to get hold of the correct booklet, please contact

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Cover image

The original image included on Strawbsweb was a rough, with the title of the album in the same red colour as "STRAWBS". No printed copies have this in red.

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