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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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A Taste of Strawbs boxed set front cover

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boxed set: WMBS 2036 (Witchwood Media 4CD set, plus bonus CD, 2006. A fabulous thing to own, the four main CDs come attached to the inside of the package, with the fifth bonus CD Tastebuds in a card CD sleeve. There's a card sleeve outer, and a sumptuous 48pp booklet, the first half, a history of the band, the second half, detailed info on each track. Loads of illustrations from Dave's archive.

The design work is superb, the cat picture is used throughout, even down to lttle paw prints beside the page numbers of the booklet.

Sleeve and case

The front of the sleeve has additional text on it, but the back ofthe sleeve is the same as the case. (Some copies have had a yellow sticker applied.)

Sleeve front Sticker
Case outer


Tastebuds front Tastebuds back

Singed pre-purchaser certificate (*)

As Witchwood Director and editor involved in the boxed set, I received a gratis copy of the release before it came out - so even though I acquired another copy along the way, neither of my copies has the pre-purchaser certificate numbered and signed by Dave. This one spotted online.


Booklet - history

Booklet pp1-48
Booklet pp2-3
Booklet pp4-5
Booklet pp6-7
Booklet pp8-9
Booklet pp10-11
Booklet pp12-13
Booklet pp14-15
Booklet pp16-17
Booklet pp18-19

Booklet - Strawbs members (and me!)

I didn't know that Dave had included me as an "honorary" Strawbs until I got the proofs for proof reading. I sometimes get asked to sign Strawbs stuff, which I rarely do, but at least this has got my picture in it ...

Booklet pp20-21

Booklet - photos and memorabilia

Booklet pp22-23
Booklet pp24-25

Booklet - track by track details

Booklet pp26-27
Booklet pp28-29
Booklet pp30-31
Booklet pp32-33
Booklet pp34-35
Booklet pp36-37
Booklet pp38-39
Booklet pp40-41

Booklet - Memorabilia and photos

Booklet pp42-43

Booklet - Albums

Booklet pp44-45

Booklet - Early purchaser names and credits

Booklet pp46-47



Tastebuds CD

Tastebuds CD

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