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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Baroque And Roll
(Witchwood Media, 2001)

The Golden Salamander

This track, originally on Nomadness, featuring dulcimer over an ethereal choral background, translates well to the Acoustic Strawbs format

Tears And Pavan

The intricate guitar interplay of this song, originally from Bursting At The Seams, is perfect for the Acoustic format.

Blue Angel
(Witchwood Media, 2003)

Blue Angel

The version of "Blue Angel" recorded in 1993 was more like the attempted recording in 1976 for Deep Cuts than the version on Dave Cousins solo Two Weeks Last Summer

Lay Down

In 1993 the band re-recorded "Lay Down", which eventually saw light of day on the Blue Angel CD

Full Bloom
(Natural Sound, 2004)


That "Ghosts" with its keyboard heavy backing could be adapted effectively for a three-handed acoustic treatment might not have been obvious - but the Acoustic Strawbs have managed it with aplomb, in both line-ups.

Deja Fou
(Witchwood Media, 2004)

Cold Steel

This new Lambert song has an arresting mixture of banjo, guitar and mandolin accompaniment - it has become an acoustic favourite

On A Night Like This

A breezy number, released as a single from 2004's Deja Fou

Live At Nearfest
(Witchwood Media, 2005)

Out In The Cold

A Hero And Heroine classic - performed by the same line-up 30 years on

New World

The Hero And Heroine line-up reformed for 2004's Nearfest deliver a powerful "New World"

A Taste Of Strawbs
(Witchwood Media, 2006)

Dave Cousins - Not All The Flowers Grow

Dave's heartbreaking song inspired by the awful Aberfan disaster, 40 years ago on 21 Oct 1966, in which a school was engulfed by a mining waste tip, and many children died.

Strawbs - The Battle

A live session recording of this song, currently appearing again in the Acoustic Strawbs' live show. This session brought together future Strawbs Claire Deniz (cello) and a fledgling Rick Wakeman (keyboards).

Dave Cousins - Out In The Cold (Demo)

Dave has often reminded us how the Strawbs classics were written, simply, on acoustic guitar or piano - here's an example ....

Dave Cousins - The Merchant Adventurer (Demo)

Another demo from Dave, this time of an unreleased sing, demoed for Deep Cuts but not pursued. Damn catchy IMHO (can't get it out of my head at present )...

Strawbs - Blue Angel

The first set of sessions for Deep Cuts, produced by Tom Allom, produced this Strawbs version of Dave's "Blue Angel", regarded by many as one of his most impressive songs, which was abandoned as the band moved on to the Rupert Holmes/Jeffrey Lesser sessions.

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