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Dick Greener's Grandfather's pictures

Unearthed from Dave Cousins' scrapbooks - evidence of Strawbs' Victorian Christmas 1895 extravanganza

Photos from Lindsay Sorrell

More of the fancy dress

Photos from Graham (Smurfy)

Fancy dress pics and captions

Laura Wiggers' photos - Part 1 - Fancy Dress

Strawbs and fans turned out in fancy dress - some more Victorian than others ....

Laura Wiggers' photos - Part 1 - Acoustic Strawbs

Messrs Cousins, Lambert & Cronk on stage

Laura Wiggers' photos - Part 3 - Cousins & Martin

A brief set by acclaimed Flamenco guitarist Juan Martin had the audience spellbound; then Dave Cousins joined for a magnificent duet - "The Shepherd's Song"

Laura Wiggers' photos - Part 1 - Rock'n'Roll

The party finished with some good honest rock'n'roll - Lambert and Cronk joined by Rod Coombes

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