Dave Cousins and Conny Conrad

Dave and Conny played tracks from their 2005 album High Seas on a mini-tour of Germany and a very well-received one-off show at the Teddington NPL, backed by Conny's band Dark Ocean.

Dave Cousins & Rick Wakeman

2001's one-off concert at the Classic Rock Society's 10th anniversary bash led to Cousins and Wakeman recording new material for duo album Hummingbird, along with Chas Cronk, Tony Fernandez and Ric Sanders. Hopefully another live gig to come ...

Cousins & Willoughby gigs, 1997-1998

The acoustic duo of Cousins and Willoughby started out in 1979, and kept the flame alive during periods when there was little Strawbs activity, but was subsumed into Acoustic Strawbs when that three-man line up took off.

Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby

Brian left the Strawbs in 2004 to build further on the solid reputation in the folk clubs he and Cathryn have achieved over the last few years, and to take the act over to Cathryn's native US. Cathryn's clear voice and Brian's superlative guitarwork is a great combination.

Dave Lambert - Live at the Royal Albert Hall and solo

From time to time DL kicks over the traces in a loud electric band, specially convened for cricketing awards events held at the RAH. There was also a cracking solo show in Tunbridge Wells literally squeezed into the day between finishing one Acoustic Strawbs tour and the next.

High Society

The latest incarnation of High Society - the post-Monks 30s band formed by Ford, Hudson and singer Terry Cassidy (aka Terence Cooke). Hud and Terry, with guitarist Simon Bishop and initially ex-Pentangle bassist Nigel Portman-Smith - the latter now replaced by Dickey Betts, have played a few public shows over the last few years. Generally, StrawbsWeb was there ....

John Ford

With plenty of solo albums under his belt since 1998, John has a solid repertoire for performances in the New York area, either solo or with a band.

Hudson-Ford reunited in 2001

Hud and John guest with "Just Say No" and "Part Of The Union" at the Conservative Party Spring Conference, 2001 - strange but true.

Cry No More

Cry No More is Roy Hill and Chas Cronk - the heady mix of humour and well-crafted songs perfomed by this dynamic duo is a joy to watch at their occasional (usually Christmas) one-off gigs. Check out the Cry No More website.

Brian Willoughby's 50th Birthday Party

Back in September 1999, Brian, the youngest of the group, turned 50. The only place to celebrate was The Turks Head in Twickenham .....

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