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The electric shows from 17 July to 1 August were postponed owing to Dave Cousins' seriously illness.

He was taken in to QEQM Hospital in Margate on 16 June after choking on a cup of tea outside his house. This caused him to lose consciousness and smash his head on the pavement. He was discharged after this on 19 June. Unfortunately this accident dislodged a kidney stone. On 23 June he was admitted to K&CH Hospital. He was operated on the next day under general anaesthetic and discharged on 26 June. He is recovering well, but was not fit enough to take the stresses and strains of a band tour.

However, a rumour in the US that Dave had prostate cancer was absolutely not true. He has had two full biopsies as part of other medical checks in the last five years and is totally free of prostate cancer.

The intention is for the gigs to be rebooked for sometime in 2016.

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