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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Sony ATV Music

There comes a time
When every settlement is due
No compromise
No other point of view

There comes a time
When no-one ever takes the blame
No sentiment
Whoever's in the frame

Stripped down in a cold town
Dying to pay the rent
What the masterminds are selling you
Is Heaven Scent
Ring around the rules
We're nobody's fools

There comes a time
When consultation is a lie
No double deals
No more humble pie

There comes a time
When retribution is the key
No change of mind
Whatever is will be

Chaos in the system
Makes the stomach churn
What the charlatans are telling you
Is crash and burn
Ring around the rules
We're nobody's fools

Did you get a summons
When the doorbell rang
What the autocrats are telling you
Is Sturm und Drang
Ring around the rules
We're nobody's fools

Strange Times


Sony ATV Music

Memories flow in endless streams
Tears-a-plenty, damaged dreams
Don't deny the die is cast
Footnotes from a fractured past

Songbirds sing their sad laments
Ancient wisdom, dark events
Reaching out to touch the veils
Footprints follow hard-fought trails

Times of courting
Times of pain
Times when all was lost in vain
Times of yearning
Times of hope
Such are these strange times

Open, yea, the windows wide
Feel the fresh air flow inside
Comes the sound of marching bands
Footsteps on the shifting sands

Times of glory
Times of pride
Times for conflict set aside
Times of danger
Times of grief
Such are these strange times.

Judgement Day


Sony ATV Music

Walk down the street
People I meet
Step away as I pass by
Know how I feel
Down at heel
Been known to break down and cry

People say no
Don't want to know
Can't even answer a question
Hid my tears
Through all the years
Lost all sense of direction.

Morning won't come
Not even the sun
Though the sawn may be breaking
Lie on my bed
Cover my head
Pray I soon stop me shaking

Try to forgive
Learn how to live
Know In My heart where I'm going
Hope and pray
On Judgement Day
They reap all the seeds they are sowing.

Evening draws near
Shadows appear
Hide all traces of sorrow
Leaves on the trees
Twist in the breeze
Here's to a better tomorrow

Leave me behind
I really don't mind
Follow, I may recover
Wings of a dove
Whisper my love
Seems like we need one another.

Each Manner Of Man


Sony ATV Music

Each manner of man
Whatever his age
Can reach for the stars
Yet burnish in rage
To walk through the fields
Yo gather the flowers
At nature's request whatever the hours

Whenever the sun shall raise a stain
To glisten the dew with a golden caress
To pleasure the earth with the warmth of its rays
Like a young girl's new dress.

Each manner of woman
Shall wear a disguise
To measure the man
With steel in her eyes
In offering comfort
The traveller within
May quicken the pace
The nature of sin.

Whatever the dream shall seem in vain
The sparkle of stars doth most certain impress
To flatter the heart with the power of praise
Of a young man's success.

Each manner of God
Can transcend belief
The jewel in the crown
In the eyes of a thief
An item so precious
Obsession is fear
But mercy is finite
The judgment severe

If ever the doubt shall still remain
The days gather pace like a mighty express
Reminding us all to reflect on oiur ways
Nothing more, nothing more
Nothing less.

The Visit


Sony ATV Music

She came to my door and I asked her inside
Her face had a beauty like nothing I'd seen
She was looking for someone she'd met long ago
He lived in a house by the old village green

The name that she mentioned meant nothing to me
I'd moved from the city a short while before
And I knew very little of people round here
Sorry but I couldn't help any more

Stay away from your windows
And lock all your doors
Don't let your children alone
I looked in her eyes
And said I'm not sure
I donít think he lives here no more

The story was straight from a girl's magazine
They met by the river and talked for a while
He was fishing for salmon and dreaming his dreams
She paused for a moment and started to smile

They walked out together for weeks in that summer
The memories could never be taken away
Of picnics on Sundays, the taste of cool porter
A time before innocence started to fade.

I told her I envied her youth in the village
How often I'd dreamed of myself in tose days
A| time when the people had care for each other
A time that our progress has quickly erased

We sat there in silence and looked at each other
Slowly her features were starting to fade
There were many more questions I wanted to ask her
But only a feeling of sadness remained.

Flying Free


Sony ATV Music


Quicksilver Days


Old School Songs/Sony ATV Music

Once we went dancing through quicksilver days
Sad is the heart that is resting at last
Fountains still flow
With endless tears
Lessons reflect from history past

Towers that once sheltered us crumble in ruin
The fiery rain of vengeance fulfilled
Flood waters rising
Cover our heads
We lament for thosewhose blood has been spilled

Eyes that were sparkling sapphire clear
Hunting for light in the shadowy deep
Hope may still dawn
With each new day
Under a mantle of cloud we sleep.

We Are Everyone


Old School Songs/Sony ATV Music

We are restless
We are dreamers
We are lost souls
Join together
We are everyone

We are day
We are night
We are as one
Join together
We are everyone

I hear your song
You hear my song
Sing together
Join together
We are everyone

All bear witness
We are not lost
Come together
Join together
We are everyone.



Sony ATV Music


Champion Jack


My hero was a boxer
He used to fight southpaw
Those who fought against him
Said he had an iron jaw

He took a million punches
But never felt a thing
He never was defeated
In any boxing ring

Champion Jack was cautious
With decisions that he made
He signed on for the army
To learn himself a trade

War broke out in '39
They sent him overseas
Shipped out to the Far East
To fight the Japanese

The Champion was on the ropes
At the fall of Singapore
Jack laid down his rifle
A prisoner of war

Jack's days were spent in agony
His nights were spent in pain
He never did complaining
It went against the grain

Three years on Death Railway
The physical neglect
He suffered degradation
But kept his self-respect

At last the war was over
Redemption took its course
In his dreams Jack took revenge
He didn't show remorse

Jack was flown from prison camp
To San Francisco Bay
He sent a picture postcard
I keep it to this day.

Better Days (Life Is Not A Game)


Times were hard
We lived for pleasure
A lackadaisical lifetime of leisure
Spirits high
The sun shone night and day

London Pride
Paris for couture
Back on the farm we all had a future
Comely maids
We rolled them in the hay

Better days
We have all seen better days
Better days will surely come again

Take a drive
Girls in tight frocks
Breaking down - hands on the gearbox
Oily rags
We got there come what may

Kids arrive
Eyes a-glistening
Bless my soul! Time for the christening!
Happy days
Really glad you came

Wiser now
Time for reflection
No time left to change direction
Times are tough
Life is not a game!




Sony ATV Music

Another day is bursting into life
Sunlight streams through shutters
Set for darkest night
The air is still
The silence is so loud
What's going on?

I'm waiting for my call to be receibed
It's just another lesson in serenity
Thinking of the days gonme by without a care
Where we could share
I'm standing on the road
To Liberty

I'm searching for the perfect harmony
Surfing on the wave forms of reality
Flying through the clouds to find the real me
Surreal me
It's going on?

Every night there's a different melody
Floating over rooftops in the evening breeze
Memories of a song come back so easily
For you and me
I'm standing on the road
To Liberty

Another day is coming to an end
The moonlight streams through shutters
Set to close again
The air is still
The silence is so loud
I'm standing on the road
To Liberty.

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