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Witchwood Media, 2002

The fantastic 30th anniversary concert staged in the grounds of Chiswick House in West London was captured both on audio and video for posterity. A selection of tracks came out on CD in 2000 as The Complete Strawbs, and now in 2002, comes the DVD release, with a striking cover designed by Rod Green.

By popular request, "Blue Angel" has been included on the DVD as a bonus track, and Dave has produced a special item in which he talks about the concert. There's also a sneak preview of the Strawbs' next DVD on Witchwood Media - a full length concert in Tokyo by the "Ghosts"-era band, first recorded and transmitted in Japan in 1975.

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Track listing

  1. Further Down The Road
  2. Grace Darling
  3. Ringing Down The Years
  4. Beside The Rio Grande
  5. Out In The Cold
  6. Round And Round
  7. Hero And Heroine
  8. Witchwood
  9. A Glimpse Of Heaven
  10. Josephine For Better Or For Worse
  11. Oh, How She Changed
  12. New World
  13. Stormy Down
  14. Part Of The Union
  15. The River
  16. Down By The Sea

Bonus tracks:

  1. Blue Angel
  2. Stormy Down

Extra Special Features

Dave Cousins remembers...One Summer's Day
Strawbs In Tokyo 1975 (Preview)


DVD: WMDVD 2006 (Witchwood Media, 2002). Dave Cousins hired some cameramen to film the Chiswick show and, together with some fan footage which helped to fill a few gaps, this is an excellent memento of a fabulous day.

CD: WC CD2001 (Witchwood, 2000). The first release on the Strawbs' own label, the booklet is nicely printed, with photos from the event and details of who played what on which track. See The Complete Strawbs CD page for more information.

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