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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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A&M, 1974

Hero And Heroine

Release date: Mar 1974 (UK)

A return to epic style with the title track of the new album; probably a stronger single than "Shine On Silver Sun", but it was never going to get very far with the BBC, owing to the obvious drug references.

Some European releases (Germany and Spain) had a different B-side: "Round And Round".

Portugal, Yugoslavia , Australia and NZ followed the UK choice of B-side with "Why".

And Thailand of course put the track out as an EP with three others from non-related artists.

UK vinyl
  • UK release
  • Europe vinyl
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Yugoslavia
  • Asia Pacific vinyl
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
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    UK vinyl

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (AMS 7105, A&M, 1974)
    UK release

    The B-side "Why" is the first segment of the three-part mini-epic "Why And Wherefore" and, unlike "And Wherefore" as released on the B-side of "Shine On Silver Sun", is identical to that version.

    May well have been a promo version of this, but I haven't seen one.

    Europe vinyl

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Round And Round"
    (13275 A, A&M, 1974)
    Spanish release

    Rather than non-album track "Why", the Spanish release lifted "Round And Round" from the album. The edit begins on the first drum/bass beat of the instrumental section of the song.

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Round And Round"
    (13275 AT, A&M, 1974)
    German release (*slv)

    Very similar to the cover of the Spanish release, with an advert for the Hero And Heroine album on the rear of the sleeve.

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (8E 006 96075 MG, A&M, 1974)
    Portuguse release

    Over in Portugal, non-album track "Why" was the B-side and the sleeve uses the dove image from the album.

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (SAM 88766) A&M, 1974)
    Yugoslavian release

    The Yugoslavians liked the dove so much they stuck it on the back cover too.

    Asia Pacific vinyl

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (K 5549, A&M, 1974)
    Australian release (AB)

    This Australian release is possibly a promo and has a date stamp of 2 Jul 1974. Scans from Alison Brown collection.

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (K 5549, A&M, 1974)
    New Zealand

    No picture sleeve for the New Zealand release.

    "Hero And Heroine" plus 3 other tracks
    (Cashbox KS-254, Not dated)
    Thailand EP

    Another Thai EP, this time featuring Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Bad Company and ZZ Top as well as the Strawbs. "Heroine" is mis-spelled on both the sleeve and the label.

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