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Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins: Live 1988
(Witchwood Media, 2005)

A Glimpse Of Heaven

Dave and Rick mesh together perfectly in this duo version of a song from From The Witchwood

The Hangman And The Papist

Classic Strawbs song

Ways And Means

Rick played on Dave's solo album Two Weeks Last Summer on which this track first appeared

Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins: Hummingbird
(Witchwood Media, 2002)

The Young Pretender

The opening track on 2002's Hummingbird, the first studio collaboration between Rick and Dave for many years; a standout track with amazing dynamics and featuring as guest musician Fairport fiddler Ric Sanders

Can You Believe

The other side of Wakeman & Cousins - a gentle love song

Dave Cousins & Conny Conrad: High Seas
(Witchwood Media, 2005)

Deep In The Darkest Night

A stunning new Cousins song (reflecting on the death of his brother Gerry) from his collaboration with German guitarist/arranger Conny Conrad

The Call To Action

The astonishing opening track, with its lengthy archetypal Cousins intro set against Conny's orchestral prog arrangements

The Moon And Stars

A jointly written number for High Seas

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