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  • Work In Progress (Witchwood Records, 2004)
  • Framed (Polydor, 1978)
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    Work In Progress coverWORK IN PROGRESS (Witchwood Records, 2004)

    1. The Man I Saw Last Night (DL, 2003)
    2. Starlight (single, King Earl, 1972)
    3. The Winter And The Summer (Chiswick, 1998)
    4. Live To Love (Fire, 1970)
    5. The Visit (DL, 2003)
    6. Remember Me Always (alternate mix, Framed, 1978)
    7. Framed (Chiswick, 1998)
    8. Back There Again (Fire, 1970)
    9. Shadowland (DL, 2003)
    10. Live Inside Your Hell Tonight (Baroque & Roll, 2001)
    11. Bovver Blues (Chiswick, 1998)

    Scans on Work In Progress versions page.

    Framed coverFRAMED (Polydor, 1978)

    1. Take A little Bit Of My Life (Lambert)
    2. Framed (Lambert/Benson)
    3. Remember Me All Ways (Lambert)
    4. Dorian (Lambert/Benson)
    5. This Is My Neighbourhood (Lambert)
    6. Welcome To My Dream (Lambert)
    7. So Lucky (Lambert)
    8. White Knight (Lambert)
    9. Crystal Virgin (Lambert)

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