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Dave and Tony play lots of gigs and get named ...


Strawberry Hill Boys really take off, and John Berry joins on bass


Strawberry Hill Boys play the first Cambridge Folk Festival


The White Bear Folk Club opens, and Dave's banjo has its 50th birthday


Strawberry Hill Boys become Strawbs, Sandy Denny joins up with the Strawbs and together they travel to Tivoli Gardens to record with Karl Knudsen by day on a cinema stage, and play in the Vise Versa Hus


Recording Strawbs first album takes a while (A&M reject the initial version), but singles "Oh How She Changed" and "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus" are released


At last Strawbs release their first album, then recruit cellist Clare Deniz and play David Bowie's Free Festival in Beckenham


Dragonfly released, then Rick Wakeman, Hud and John come on board, tour with Roy Harper, then make their major breakthrough with the QEH concert on 11 Jul, released as Just A Collectio Of Antiques And Curios


From The Witchwood arrives after a difficult gestation. Wakeman leaves to join Yes, replaced by former Amen Corner keyboard player Blue Weaver, who debuts at a "multimedia show" at the Shaw Theatre

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