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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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MIGHT AS WELL BE ON MARS, Virgin Canada, 1991

  • Not released in UK
  • Canada
  • Canadian cassette release
  • Canadian promo CD release
  • The Strawbs' only cover version (to date anyway - Dave did a version of the Marlene Dietrich standard "Falling In Love Again" on his solo album Secret Paths).

    This is a song by Canadian outfit The Pukka Orchestra, included on the 1991 album Ringing Down The Years to ensure sufficient Canadian content (CANCON) to secure radio play in Canada. Surprisingly (the Pukka version is frankly a little odd!), the Strawbs version fits in quite well with Cousins' own material.

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    Canadian cassette release
    "Might As Well Be On Mars" (Williamson/Chapman)/
    "The King" (Cousins)
    (VS4 1542, Virgin Canada cassette single, 1991)

    A rare venture by Strawbs into the cassette single format. The version of "The King" is not the single release with Maddy Prior on vocals, but the Cathy Le Surf/Cousins duet from Ringing Down The Years.

    Mars Mars
    Mars Mars


    Canadian promo CD release
    "Might As Well Be On Mars" (Williamson/Chapman)
    (STRAWB1, Virgin Canada 1 track promo CD single, 1991)

    Presumably a radio promo CD single circulated only to radio stations. Until 2001, Strawbs' only CD single. No sleeve with my copy.

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