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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Concert Classics cover

Renaissance Records t/a Concert Classics, based in Franklin TN released this. A link on the website (the URL listed in the booklet) is a dead link. Quite possibly this was a bootleg. Some of the images used in the packaging were lifted from Strawbsweb.

Another BBC performance, this time from late 1977, broadcast in February 1978 as part of the BBC's pre-Nicam stereo Sight And Sound series (you could watch the TV and listen to stereo radio simultaneously). One of the earliest Strawbs performances by keyboard player Andy Richards, the show has also been bootlegged (rather badly) as Live In London 1977. Both the bootleg and this release miss out "Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss" from the original transmission - excellent apart from a huge amplifier crackle in a quiet section; this release inexplicably misses out the opening number "Lay Down".

This has subsequently appeared as Alive/Live In America - see the versions page, where these releases are also included. Some of the Live In America releases contain Rick Wakeman bonus tracks from the album Zodiac he made with Tony Fernandez.

This is probably taken from the BBC Transcription disc. For a much improved audio version of this show, and the hitherto unreleased video footage, see the 2019 Deadlines 2CD/1DVD release from Esoteric.

Table comparing the original transmission, Live in London 1977 and Concert Classics

The Last ResortYESYESYES
Sealed With A Traitor's KissYESNONO
Simple VisionsYESYESYES
Cut Like A DiamondYESYESYES, but not listed
Out In The Cold/Round And RoundYESYESYES
Hero And HeroineYESYESYES


Dave Cousins (vcls, ac gtrs)
Dave Lambert (vcls, el/ac gtrs)
Chas Cronk (bs, ac gtrs, vcls)
Tony Fernandez (drms, tamb, tymp, bells)
Andy Richards (kybds)

Track listing

  1. The Last Resort (Cousins/Cronk/Lambert)
  2. Ghosts (Cousins)
  3. No Return (Cousins/Lambert)
  4. Heartbreaker (Lambert)
  5. Simple Visions (Cousins/Cronk)
  6. Cut Like A Diamond (not listed) (Cousins/Cronk)
  7. Out In The Cold/Round And Round (Cousins)
  8. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)

    Bonus tracks on some Live In America releases:

  9. Sagittarius (Wakeman/Fernandez)
  10. Aquarius (Wakeman/Fernandez)

Sleeve Notes

To follow.

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