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Acoustic Strawbs dates - Jan-March 2020

Forward planning for 2020

Acoustic Strawbs Blues Cruise - April 2020

Acoustic Strawbs join the Moody Blues Cruise for 2020


Strawbs' 50th Anniversary Weekend

A mammoth weekend event, featuring various line-ups and the Strawbs extended family and friends. Pictures and reviews galore.

Dave Cousins solo gig at Beckenham Bowie Bandstand

An all too rare solo gig for Dave, 50 years on from the original Bowie-organised show

Strawbs' 50Years On acoustic show (and Dave Cousins solo)

A mammoth weekend event, featuring various line-ups and the Strawbs extended family and friends. Pictures and reviews galore.


Strawbs Electric tour - Canada October 2018

Strawbs take the Ferryman on tour to Canada

Strawbs Electric UK tour - November 2018

Strawbs bring the Ferryman back to the UK


Electric UK tour March 2017

Hero and Heroine for the 21st century ...

Acoustic gigs 2017

Acoustic gigs over the summer and beyond...

Electric UK tour October 2017

Back again for some powerful shows

Electric tour US November 2017

The "Chapter and Verse" tour

Acoustic UK dates, December 2017

A few gigs to end the year, including two with Steeleye Span


Acoustic UK dates Feb/Mar 2016

Acoustic dates in the UK after Dave's long layoff from live work

Royal Oak, Hampton warm-up and Moody Blues Cruise, Feb 2016

Back again on the boat ...

Acoustic UK gigs, Apr-Jun 2016

Acoustic and festival appearances

UK Electric tour, Apr 2016

Postponed from last year, Dave Bainbridge takes up the keys as the new boy on the block ...

US Electric tour, May 2016

And at last, back to the US for the new electric line-up


Acoustic UK dates Jan/Feb 2015

Acoustic dates in the UK in Jan/Feb, mostly along side Carl Palmer/Martin Turner

UK and Holland Acoustic dates May/Jun 2015

Acoustic Strawbs dates

Acoustic/Electric Strawbs tour July/Aug 2015 - POSTPONED

The electric tour was postponed owing to Dave Cousins' serious illness, to be rescheduled in 2016.

Acoustic Strawbs dates Sep-Dec 2015

Most of the dates in the latter part of 2015 had to be rescheduled owing to Dave Cousins' health problems. A few gigs late in the year, including gigs with Family in Glasgow and London, went ahead as planned.


Electric Strawbs UK dates Jan/Feb 2014

Electric Strawbs dates in the UK in Jan/Feb, line-up featuring Adam, Wakeman and Tony Fernandez

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates Feb/Mar 2014

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK mainly along side Curved Air/Martin Turner

Acoustic Strawbs on the Moody Blues Cruise/Cruise To The Edge - Apr 2014

Not just one but two cruises this year.

Acoustic Strawbs Apr/Aug 2014 dates

Acoustic Strawbs summer and festival appearances

Acoustic Strawbs Canadian dates, Oct 2014

Back in Canada

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates, Oct-Dec 2014

The remaining UK gigs for 2014


Acoustic Strawbs UK dates Jan/Feb 2013

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK in Jan/Feb

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates Mar/Apr 2013

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK in Mar/Apr

Acoustic Strawbs on the Moody Blues Cruise - Mar 2013

Acoustic Strawbs are guesting, with a host of other famous bands, on the Moody Blues Cruise from 25 Mar

Acoustic Strawbs May/June dates

Acoustic Strawbs are supporting The Zombies for three dates on their early Summer tour

Acoustic Strawbs Festival and autumn dates

Festival and Autumn dates


Acoustic Strawbs UK dates Feb/Mar 2012

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK in Feb/March (and a quick trip to Norway)

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates April-June 2012

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK in April-June 2012

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates July-August and September 2012

Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK in July-August and September and a rare opportunity to see Dave Cousins with Ian Cutler

Acoustic Strawbs US dates September 2012

Back to the United States for a round of acoustic shows

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates late September/early October 2012

A handful of Acoustic Strawbs dates in the UK between Septembedr's well-received US tour and a no doubt popular Canadian tour in October

Acoustic Strawbs Canada dates October 2012

Some Canadian shows for the Acoustic Strawbs

Strawbs electric UK shows November 2012

Strawbs electric shows with Adam Wakeman on keyboards

Acoustic Strawbs UK dates December 2012

A couple of UK dates for Acoustic Strawbs to close out the year


UK dates (Acoustic), Spring 2011

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK in the early part of the year

UK dates May and Summer 2011

A few dates for Acoustic Strawbs in Summer 2011, with a few festivals and a Cousins/Cutler gig to boot

US Acoustic dates, Sept/Oct 2011

Acoustic Strawbs join the Zombies on a tour of East/West Coast US and western Canada

UK Electric dates November 2011

The Strawbs recreate Hero And Heroine in Ascencia live in the UK

Acoustic Strawbs in UK - Oct and Dec 2011

A couple of gigs, including Acoustic Strawbs with Steeleye Span at the Barbican, London on 19 Dec


UK dates (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2010

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK in the early part of the year, with a Cousins/Cutler gig at Trowbridge

UK dates Spring/early Summer 2010

A few dates for Acoustic Strawbs during the Spring and Summer, with a couple of Cousins/Cutler gigs too

Dave Cousins book launch, 14 Aug 2010

Cousins & Cutler perform at the Deal Hoy to celebrate the launch of Dave's lyrics book, Secrets, Stories and Songs

Acoustic Strawbs US tour, Sept 2010

The Acoustic Strawbs are back in the US again, with a series of gigs

Electric band dates in Canada, Oct 2010

A new line-up for these dates in Canada - Tony Fernandez on drums and John Young on keys

UK Electric band dates, Nov 2010

The new electric line-up is back in the UK and touring

Great British Folk Festival, Dec 2010

In stellar company, the Acoustic Strawbs appear at the Festival held at Butlins in Skegness, 3-5 Dec 2010


UK/Italy dates (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2009

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK

Canadian Tour, March 2009

Debut of the Oliver Wakeman line-up as the Electric band ventures out to Canada

Rick Wakeman Six Wives/Electric UK Tour - May 2009

Acoustic Strawbs open for Rick Wakeman at his Six Wives extravaganza at Hampton Court, then the Electric Band with Oliver play throughout the rest of the month

Acoustic US Tour - June 2009

The Acoustics tour as very special guests on Van Der Graaf Generator's first ever US tour

Acoustic Strawbs Summer gigs

Various Acoustic Strawbs dates as we headed towards the Twickenham celebration

Strawbs' 40th Anniversary Weekend

A mammoth weekend event, featuring various line-ups and the Strawbs extended family and friends. Pictures and reviews galore.

Acoustic Strawbs on the Classic Rock Legends Tour - Sept-Nov 2009

A nationwide tour for the Acoustics in the company (mainly) of vintage rockers Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and Focus


UK Tour (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2008 plus other UK dates

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK, plus a Blue Angel Orchestra show at the Half Moon and the debut of the Cousins Cutler duo

Dave Cousins (with Ian Cutler) US/Canada, March 2008

Dave Cousins' first ever solo tour in the US and Canada, with Ian Cutler joining him for the first half of the tour

Electric UK Tour - May-June 2008

Electric Strawbs stride the stage once more - the Hero and Heroine/Ghosts line-up with new songs from recently recorded album "The Broken Hearted Bride"

Electric US Tour - June 2008

Scarcely pausing for breath, the boys hop across the Atlantic for some shows in the US, including John Hawken's final show with the band as he retires from the Strawbs

Acoustic Strawbs dates, July-September 2008

The September UK gigs plus festival dates in the UK, Norway and Italy

Various dates from October to December

Blue Angel Orchestra & Friends, Acoustic Strawbs in Norway & Denmark, and the Strawbs Christmas Party


UK Tour (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2007

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK

Electric band UK Tour, Feb 2007

Starting off this time at Bilston, the Hero And Heroine band are back in the UK

Acoustic Strawbs/Live Session with Rick Wakeman, April-June 2007

A lone Acoustic Strawbs date in April, and the Planet Rock live session with Rick Wakeman, followed by a private show and Dutch festival appearance in June ...

Electric Strawbs US/Canada, June/July 2007

Electric Strawbs back in North America, including gigs at BB Kings, the Stan Rogers Folk Festival and Jon Connolly's splendid gig in Kitchener

Electric Strawbs UK, Aug 2007

The UK's turn: Putney, Deal and a barnstorming first time for Strawbs at Cropredy

Acoustic Strawbs, September tour 2007; Electric Strawbs, FMPM, Montreal, 15 Sep 2007

Acoustic Strawbs play some UK dates; Electric Strawbs hop over the Atlantic to perform at the FMPM Festival in Montreal

Acoustic Strawbs, Fire, Blue Angel Orchestra, Cousins, Cutler & Cronk etc. Nov/Dec 2007

Some Acoustuc Strawbs dates, with other delights as the year comes to an end - the Fire reunion shows in Windlesham, a one off Cousins Cutler Cronk show and the Strawbs Christmas Party, featurng guests Cry No More and Benedictus


UK Tour (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2006

Another tour for Acoustic Strawbs

UK Tour (Electric), Mar 2006

The H&H line-up tour with John Ford guesting, with the last show at The Robin, Bilston being filmed for DVD release

Acoustic Spring dates 2006

More shows for Acoustic Strawbs

Acoustic Summer Dates 2006

Various festivals and appearances for Acoustic Strawbs

UK Tour (Electric), June 2006

The H&H line-up tour again, from Glasgow to Brighton, followed by a festival appearance in Thurgau, Austria. Supported on the UK tour by Sheffield band Dead Like Harry

Acoustic Tour September 2006/Live At The Blue Angel

Acoustic Strawbs September Tour plus a special one off - Dave & Cousins & Friends, Live at The Blue Angel, Deal, 17 September.

Acoustic Tour US - October/November 2006

Acoustic Strawbs October/November US Tour

November/December UK Dates

Two dates in November and the Strawbs 2006 Christmas Party sees the Blue Angel Orchestra reform, with other treats in store


UK Tour (Acoustic), Jan-Feb 2005

The New Year tour kicks off on 8 Jan - shake off the post holiday blues with the Acoustic Strawbs

US/Canada Dates (Acoustic), Feb-Mar 2005

Acoustic Strawbs return to the US, and play the Folk Alliance and an "industry showcase" gig in Toronto

European Dates (Acoustic), Apr 2005

Acoustic Strawbs in Italy, tour cut short by death of the Pope; then tour of Denmark

US Dates (Acoustic), May 2005

Acoustic Strawbs head west .....

Cousins and Conrad, Germany, June 2005

Dave Cousins and Conny Conrad plays some gigs in Germany to launch their duo album High Seas

Strawbs (Electric), UK Tour, June 2005

The Hero And Heroine line-up plays in the UK (and the Tuno Festival in Denmark) for the first time in 30 years

Cousins and Conrad, UK gig, July 31, 2005

Cousins and Conrad play the NPL, Teddington

UK Dates (Acoustic), Sept 2005

Acoustic Strawbs back in the UK for the autumn tour

US/Can Dates (Acoustic), Oct-Nov 2005

Acoustic Strawbs back in North America for the late autumn tour

Strawbs' Victorian Christmas Party, 26 Nov 2005

Strawbs' early Victorian themed Christmas fancy dress party - acoustic, flamenco and rock'n'roll !


UK Tour (Acoustic), Jan 2004

Acoustic Strawbs on tour in the UK

Acoustic Strawbs, UK - May-June 2004

Reviews and photos of the last full scale Acoustic tour to feature Brian Willoughby

Electric Tour, US/Canada, June-July 2004

The return of the Hero And Heroine line-up to tour the US/Canada

Electric Tour, UK, July 2004

And the UK Electric band back on the boards in England.

Acoustic dates, Canada and UK, August 2004

Brian Willoughby's farewell to Acoustic Strawbs

UK Tour (Acoustic), Sept 2004

The first Acoustic gigs with Chas

US Tour (Acoustic), Oct-Nov 2004

Taking in some West Coast venues for the first time, as well as the Acoustic Strawbs in Toronto DVD Release Party at Hugh's Room


Acoustic Strawbs 2002-2003

Acoustic Strawbs touring in the UK/US and Canada

Acoustic Strawbs - early beginnings 2000-2001

The early shows, how the Acoustic line-up came into being, from the first show at the Cabbage Patch in Twickenham, to the 2001 Assembly Rooms gigs at the Edinburgh Festival

Electric Tours, UK, 1999-2001

After Chiswick, the Bursting plus Brian line-up trekked round the UK three years running, also visiting Norway for the Bergen Rock And Blues Festival in 1999.

Chiswick 1998

The unforgettable 30th anniversary concert, staged in the grounds of Chiswick House, West London, reuniting several historic line-ups of the band

Before Chiswick

Reviews and comments on the infrequent shows pre-Chiswick since StrawbsWeb was born.

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