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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Strawbs scored three fanzines - a one off from Brian Cairney, the excellent Simple Visions from Anne Steichen, and in the 1990s, Heather Malcolm's Jamming.


Simple Visions ran for seven substantial issues, Brian Cairney kept them all ...


Simply titled, Brian produced his own one-shot fanzine in 1978

JAMMING, 1991-1992

With good access to the band, Heather Malcolm created Jamming, intended to review each album - sadly only three issues were produced ...


Before the web, Denise and Sandy ran the Strawbs Information Service, a lifeline of information for Strawbs fans in the 1980s and 1990s, and an extremely popular initiative. You sent a stamped addressed envelope to them and got the next newsletter, telling you of upcoming gigs and newly available merchandise. Many thanks to Brian Cairney who hoarded every single SIS newsletter from which these scans are taken.

1986 - ISSUES 1 TO 6

Launch of SIS, London shows, Ringing Down The Years, tours of Canada/US, new album on the way ...

1987 - ISSUES 7 TO 12

Don't Say Goodbye released, Norway, High Society cassette release, Strawbs at Trowbridge , US/Canada again and the rise of Turkey Leg Johnson ...

1988 - ISSUES 13 TO 17

Cousins & Wakeman, DSG on CD, Italy, Strawbs swap shop, A&M/Japan CDs ...

1989 - ISSUES 18 TO 20

Brian Cairney's Strawbs biog/discography, Strawbs and Lindisfarne ...

1990 - ISSUES 21 TO 24

Nottingham Central TV show, new album preview tapes, Sound Thrashing ...

1991 - ISSUES 25 TO 30

Cousins & Willoughby, Italy again, Ringing Down The Years/MightAs Well Be On Mars imports, Jamming, Hero/Bursting on CD, Strawbs/Caravan

1992 - ISSUES 31 TO 35

Midwinter Tale of Folk Rock, Butlins 70s extravaganza, Old School Songs CD, Strawbs in Concert video, Don Airey joins, Choice Selection of Strawbs CD, upcoming Silver Jubilee tour dates ...

1993 - ISSUES 36 TO 38

Suffolk'n'Good - Strawbs own festival, October tour, November/December dates with Lindisfarne ....

1994 - ISSUES 39 TO 42

Melton Mowbray, The Bridge on cassette and CD, Cousins poetry book, Italy again ...

1995 - ISSUES 43 TO 46

BBC in Concert CD, own label - 1st release Heartbreak Hill, Walton-on-the-Naze Festival, High Society ball ...

1996 - ISSUES 47 TO 51

Willoughby with Jim Diamond, Deep Cuts/BFY CD, Halcyon Days announced/put back, Misalliance, October mini-tour, Strawbs website (!) ...

1997 - ISSUES 52 TO 53

60s Superstars show, more Strawbs homepage, Retford/Twickenham, Monks/High Society on CD,

1998 - ISSUES 54 TO 57

Willoughby & Craig, Broxbourne Festival, Chiswick 30th anniversary gig, DSG/RDTY re-issued, A&M Cds, John Ford CD and Cry No More show ...

1999 - ISSUE 58/supplement

Strawbs electric tour, Bergen Festival ...

2000 - ISSUE 59

Strawbs 2000 tour dates ...

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