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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Promotional biographies - find out what your heroes' favourite colours were....

Early days

Strawbs In Depth, 1968 Full scale promotional pack with lots of details about the likes and dislikes of Messrs Cousins, Hooper and Chesterman

I was asked by the late Tony Hooper's family to post his correct date of birth, 7 Sep 1939. Pop managers in the 60s thought fans would lose interest if their idols were much older, and anyway this pop thing would never last ....

Strawbs - Signing To A&M Biog, 1968
Announcing the Strawbs signing to A&M
Strawbs - Oh How She Changed, 1968
The first single ....
Release of Strawbs Album Flyer, 1969
Promotional leaflet announcing the launch of the first A&M album on the front and publicising the first two A&M singles ("Oh How She Changed" and "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus") on the back

Witchwood and beyond

Strawbs - From The Witchwood release, 1971
Oddly worded one pager to announce From The Witchwood and dates in May (UK), June (Europe) and July (US - the Neil Young US tour never happened).
Strawbs - Grave New World, 1972
Full scale biog to coincide with release of Grave New World

Hero and Heroine

Strawbs - Shine On Silver Sun, 1973
New line-up, new single
Strawbs - A&M Press pack "Les Strawbs", 1974
A press pack put together probably for a French reader, as it includes French language materials incoluding the catalogue number for the Frech release of "Part Of The Union"
Strawbs - A&M US Biog, 1974
A three page biog on yellow paper, plus that first "lounging" press photo of the new line-up. The discography on pp2 and 3 has quite a few date inaccuracies, and references to "released only in England" where their Canadian colleagues had done so.
Strawbs - A&M Canada Biog, 1974
The band were very popular in Canada, and A&M in Canada were always very supportive

Ghosts and Nomadness

Strawbs - Ghosts, 1975
Promo biog for Ghosts
Strawbs - Autumn Collection, 1975
Ghosts-based biog, created by RPM in South Africa
Strawbs - The Strawbs Story, 1975
Promo pack for Nomadness touring in the US. Incorporates a reprint of the ZigZag article published earlier that year.
Strawbs - Nomadness, 1975
Slimmed down Strawbs

Oyster and Arista years

Strawbs - Oyster Press Kit, 1976
Strawbs new label produced this 4pp publication (1 sheet folded; page 4 is blank). Also includes the 4-hander Deep Cuts 10x8.
Strawbs - Oyster Press Kit, 1977
Came with the Deep Cuts 10x8, a 3 pager to mark the release of Burning For You (2 pages text, 1 page Oyster Discography (but "I Only Want My Love To Grow In You" is missing from the singles list).
Strawbs - Deadlines Arista Biog, 1978
Move to Arista, the ultimate Strawbs ?
Strawbs - Deadlines Arista Biog, 1978
Yellow press release

Latter days

Strawbs - Don't Say Goodbye, Virgin Canada, 1987
1987 biog from Virgin Canada

Hudson Ford

Hudson Ford, 1973
UK and US press releases about the new band
Hudson Ford Biog and 8x10s, 1974
Updated for 1974
Hudson Ford - Arnakata Press Pack, 1974
4pp release and a promo photo, all in a smart folder
Hudson Ford - Worlds Collide, 1975
biog and album release sheet

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