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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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  1. Take A little Bit Of My Life (Lambert)
  2. Framed (Lambert/Benson)
  3. Remember Me All Ways (Lambert)
  4. Dorian (Lambert/Benson)
  5. This Is My Neighbourhood (Lambert)
  6. Welcome To My Dream (Lambert)
  7. So Lucky (Lambert)
  8. White Knight (Lambert)
  9. Crystal Virgin (Lambert)


Not released in the UK

US vinyl
  • US release
  • US promo release
  • Canada vinyl
  • Canadian release
  • Europe vinyl
  • French release
  • Cassette and 8-track
  • French cassette release
  • CD
  • Korean CD release
  • Japanese CD release


    US release

    PD-1-6193 (Polydor, US, 1979). Single sleeve with grey inner sleeve, with lyrics in red and white lettering on one side, credits on the other in white. Red Polydor labels. My copy, otherwise in great condition, has been holepunched top left.

    Front and back cover

    front cover back cover

    Inner sleeve

    lyrics inner credits inner


    side 1 side 2

    US promo

    PD-1-6193 (Polydor, US, 1979). Same sleeve and inner sleeve though the latter is a slightly different gray colour - not certain whether that indicates that my copy of the full release is a repressing or variant printing.

    Back cover has a gold overstamp at top right "Loaned for promotion only/Not for sale/Ownership rights reserved". White labels, with "Promotion copy not for sale".

    Back cover detail and lyrics inner sleeve

    back cover detail lyrics


    side 1 side 2


    Canadian release

    PD-1-6193 (Polydor, US, 1979). Similar sleeve design, though the background of the back cover is a different shade of grey, and the logos etc at the bottom are different. Front and inner sleeve as per the US release

    Back cover

    back cover


    side 1 side 2


    French release

    2391 391 (Polydor, France, 1979). Similar sleeve design, with the French catalogue number in yellow at top right. Back cover has catalogue number at top right and reference to a cassette version. Front and inner sleeve as per the US release except that French catalogue number appears on credits side.

    There is an embossed stamp at top left of front cover, not very readable, apart from the word "GRATUIT", so this may have been a copy sent out for promotional purposes.

    Cover details

    front cover front cover


    side 1 side 2


    French cassette release (*)

    3177 391 (Polydor, France, 1979). Back cover of vinyl release has a cassette version. Anyone seen one?


    Korean CD release

    Big Pink 610 (Big Pink, Korea, 2019). Facsimile card sleeve CD reissue, with Obi, the design of which blends into the front and back covers. A folded 2-sided lyrics insert and a Big Pink standard CD inner sleeve.

    Front cover/with Obi

    front cover front cover with obi

    Back cover and Obi

    back cover  obi

    Lyric insert

    lyric insert back lyric insert back

    Inner and CD

    inner sleeve CD

    Japanese CD release (*)

    Big Pink 610 (Big Pink, Japan, 2019). Also released in Japan. Facsimile card sleeve CD reissue, with Obi.

    Front and back covers, both with Obi

    front cover with obi back cover with obi

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