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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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  1. Daylight (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Out Of Your Shadow (Hudson/Ford)
  3. Kiss In The Dark (Hudson/Ford)
  4. Shy Girl (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Let It Rain (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Poor Boy [lead-in] (Hudson/Ford)

  7. Poor Boy (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Simple Man (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Are You Dancing (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Wicked Lady (Hudson/Ford)
  11. 95 In The Shade (Hudson/Ford)
  12. Daylight (Hudson/Ford)
  13. Bonus tracks on Esoteric CD

  14. Waterfall (Hudson/Ford)
  15. Daylight (Single Version) (Hudson/Ford)
  16. Lost In A Lost World (*)(Hudson/Ford)
  17. Sold On Love (Hudson/Ford)

(*) Original single B-side was titled "Lost In A World"


UK vinyl
  • UK release
  • UK test pressing
  • Other vinyl
  • South African release
  • Cassette and 8-track
  • UK cassette
  • CD
  • Spanish bootleg CD release, 2009
  • Esoteric CD release, 2018
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: 82027 (CBS, UK, 1977). A move to CBS Records and a change of producer - Robin Geoffrey Cable - brings a late 70s disco feel to some of the tracks. A single sleeve with a black and white insert inside. No lyrics sheet. Both copies I have have the back cover gold stamped "Demonstration Not For Sale", but the record is a normal release copy.

    Front and back of sleeve



    UK test pressing (*)

    Spotted online, white label test pressing with handwritten text.




    South African release

    Vinyl album: ASF 2018 (Gramophone Record Co Pty, South Africa, 1977). (Originally thought to be an Australian release, but it's manufactured by Gramophone Record Co Pty, so it's South African.) Similar sleeve, publishing/record label details on the back. My copy came with a nice company inner.

    Back cover


    Inner sleeve


    UK release

    Cassette: 40-82027 (CBS, UK, 1977) . Minimal packaging, inner cover has track details. On-body printing rather than paper label on the cassette.




    Spanish bootleg CD release

    CD bootleg: RDI 33056 (RDI, Spain, 2009).. Bootleg release, no bonus tracks. All four Hudson Ford releases came out as unauthorised bootleg CDs, produced in Spain by Retrodisk International. Packaging designed to match closely the original releases, insert is minimal, the outer modelled on front and back covers of original UK LP releases, with a standard biography in the centre. The CDs themselves are ugly and metallic.

    Please do not buy these bootleg releases - the A&M albums are now available as a legitimate release as part of Hudson Ford - The A&M Years boxed set, released May 2017, wth bonus tracks and superior packaging.

    Tray outer and inner


    Esoteric CD release, 2018

    CD: ECLEC 2640 (Esoteric, 2018).. Nice to have this legitimately released. Remastered with some but not all 45rpm A-side and B-side bonus tracks. "Lost In A World" is the correct title as per CBS release, not "Lost In A Lost World" (which was a Moody Blues song). Missing the 1977 single "Kiss In The Dark"/"Simple Man" and the B-side of 1977's "Are You Dancing" 45 release "Out Of Your Shadow".

    Nice 16pp booklet with sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome, based on interviews with Hud and John.


    Tray outer and inner


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