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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Switzerland cover Switzerland, (Deepdene Records, DEEPDENE RHCD03, May 2014)

Roy's first solo album since 1978!! Finalised with the assistance of Ty Watling.

Buy Switzerland

You can get it from the man himself (payment address

  • 10 + 1.50 postage and packing UK
  • 10 + 4.00 postage and packing Europe
  • 10 + 5.00 postage and packing World Zone 1
  • 10 + 5.50 postage and packing World Zone 2

    1. The Poison Hole
    2. Happy Ever After
    3. Torn
    4. Overdose
    5. Switzerland
    6. Happiness
    7. Lost Weekend
    8. Pain
    9. Soughate
    10. Refugees
    11. Onward
    12. Twisting Tale

    Fun With Dave cover Fun With Dave, (Deepdene Records, DEEPDENE RHCD02, 2008)

    Recordings from 1983-1984, working with David Richards, who later went on to work with Queen. Some are demos, some more finished tracks. Many of these songs (such as "Jenny", "Man Overboard", Small Adventurer", "Superheroes" and"Without Eddie") found their way into the core Cry No More repertoire of crowd-pleasers.

    1. Jenny Takes A First Look At Life (Hill)
    2. Man Overboard (Hill)
    3. Marion Jones (Hill)
    4. Small Adventurer (Hill)
    5. Sleeping With Ghosts (Hill)
    6. It Might Just Happen To You (Hill)
    7. Superheroes (Hill)
    8. The Man To Blame (Hill)
    9. Falling (Hill)
    10. Without Eddie (Hill)
    11. Every Single Time (Hill)
    12. Don't Leave Me Here (Hill)

    Hello Sailor cover Hello Sailor (Deepdene Records, DEEPDENE RHCD01, 2008)

    Recordings from 1976-1977. Some are demos, others are recorded with "The Strolling Players" (the following are credited: John and Bimbo Acock, Bob Critchley, Dik Cadbury and Jeff Watts).

    Roy writes: "In 1975 I won a regional heat of the Melody Maker Rock Contest and figured I must be the new Dylan. Fame and indecent fortune beckoned. Wrote more songs, played floor spots in a Cheltenham folk club, formed an ad hoc band, the Strolling Players, made my first demos and hawked them around the record companies and music publishers of London's notorious Tin Pan Alley."

    1. Join Me (Hill)
    2. Get To The Lieutenant (Hill)
    3. George's Bar (Hill)
    4. Keep Away From Me (Hill)
    5. Down In The Cellar (Hill)
    6. The Boys Would Like You To Know (Hill)
    7. I Try Not To Hear (Hill)
    8. Window (Hill)
    9. More (Hill)
    10. Piccadilly Lights (Hill)
    11. Singing At The Wheel (Hill)
    12. Watching The Diamond Disappear (Hill)

    Roy Hill cover Roy Hill (Arista SPART 1034, 1978)

    Signed to Arista Records on the basis of his demos, Arista got Gus Dudgeon to produce the album. In a strange parallel with Strawbs first record, also produced by Dudgeon, Roy felt that the music was way over-produced.

    Roy writes: In 1977 I recorded my first album with former Elton John producer, Gus Dudgeon and a host of top session men. It was as an expensive and overblown affair but it would have been churlish to complain when I was the only one there I hadn't heard of. Any hope of working with some Strolling Players was dashed by Gus's ability to locate and destroy unknown musicians from a distance of several miles. Saxophonist, Bimbo Acock, survived by disguising himself as Lulu. An appearance on So It Goes provided brief respite from anecdote hell. It's impossible to do justice to the very colourful time I spent with 70's superstar producer and all-round megalomaniac, Gus Dudgeon, in this brief guide."

    1. Join Me (Hill)
    2. When The Time Came (Hill)
    3. The Boys Would Like You To Know (Hill)
    4. She Sits Alone (Hill)
    5. After Tonight (Hill)

    6. George's Bar (Hill)
    7. Dance Into My Heart (Hill)
    8. Marionettes (Hill)
    9. Liner To Tangiers (Hill)
    10. Piccadilly Lights (Hill)

    Also released by Arista in Canada (AB 4151).

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