High Society

High Society CD

Track listing:

    High Society I Never Go Out In The Rain CD
  1. Got To Get Out Of This Rut *
  2. I Never Go Out In The Rain
  3. Sitting On A Rainbow (Bonus track Recorded Live)
  4. A Talk With Your Father
  5. The Late Late Train *
  6. Dancing In The Moonlight
  7. Top Hat & Tails
  8. Paper Cup
  9. Down By The River (Bonus track) *
  10. Madge
  11. I Shouldn't Fall In Love With You
  12. I Can Sing High
  13. Walking Down The Strand
  14. Private Eye
  15. Beautiful Evening
  16. All My Life I Give You Nothing *
  17. Mama Said
  18. Powder Blue
  19. Dance Till Dawn
  20. The Late Late Train (Bonus track Live Version)
  21. Down By The River (Bonus track Live Version)

*"Got To Get Out Of This Rut"
    . . . For those of you fed up with the rat race
"The Late Late Train"
    . . . Not more leaves on the line!
"All My Life I Give You Nothing"
    . . . An everyday story of music business double-dealing
"Down By The River"
    . . . A sad tale of unrequited virtual love at The Millennium Dome

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